Primary TET: 4 marks are guaranteed in Primary TET even if you do all the mistakes! List of wrong questions! Read details –

The ‘Final Model Answer Key’ of Primary Tate 2022 has been released recently. Provisional released in January What is the answer? Tate examinees challenged the answers to several of its questions. After reviewing the related issues by the expert committee of the board, the board published the ‘final model answer sheet’. Along with this notification, the board said that ‘one’ mark will be assigned to each TET candidate for four questions. That is, even if all the questions in the TET answer sheet are wrong, the candidate will get four marks.

Candidates will get marks for that question:

1) The Board informed that the question number 104 of WBBPE/04D is correct in the English language question paper but there is a printing error in the Bengali language question. And because of this printing error, the error is observed in the option field. However, the rest of the ‘Question Booklet Code’ options were correct. (Question No. 94 in WBBPE/01A, Question No. 98 in WBBPE/02B, Question No. 117 in WBBPE/03C, Question No. 91 in WBBPE/05E) In that case, the Board informed that the examinees do not receive the ‘Question Booklet Code’ of the respective question. They will be numbered ‘one’ for that.

2) Question 108 in WBBPE/01A, Question 97 in WBBPE/02B, Question 109 in WBBPE/03C, Question 100 in WBBPE/04D and Question No. 113 in WBBPE/05E will be marked ‘one’ by each candidate due to printing error. .

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3) In respect of question number 120 in WBBPE/01A, question number 119 in WBBPE/02B, question number 108 in WBBPE/03C, question number 98 in WBBPE/04D and question number 112 in WBBPE/05E, ‘one’ due to printing error in the Bengali version question paper. Candidates will get marks.

4) In addition, the board has informed that, in respect of question number 126 of WBBPE/01A, question number 132 of WBBPE/02B, question number 141 of WBBPE/03C, question number 127 of WBBPE/04D, question number 124 of WBBPE/05E, printing error in the English question paper. Because every candidate will get ‘one’ mark.

Incidentally, the board said concerned What is the answer? Can’t be challenged anymore. The result of primary TATE exam is going to be released soon.

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