Primary TET Interview: 2016 Primary TET Interview information sent by the Board of Primary Education! –

Complications are going on with the appointment of teachers in the state. Discussions have also started on the interview process for the 2016 Primary Tate. Controversy has also arisen around the candidates who got jobs through this interview. A case has been filed in court. The Board of Primary Education has taken action in this regard. The Board of Primary Education has sought and sent detailed information from the district primary education councils about where and who took the interview in the primary recruitment process of 2016.

Primary Tate interview was conducted basically twice in previous years. Once in 2016 and again in 2021. Among them, the 2016 interview has caused a stir. It is believed that many candidates were recruited through fraud in the interview process. Complaints have already been made that there was no aptitude test in that year’s interview! And the candidates have been appointed after getting full marks without Aptitude Test. Another job seeker claimed that the interview was conducted in the balcony instead of the classroom. After hearing all the complaints in this regard, the High Court ordered that the board should scrutinize the information related to the 2016 interview and submit a report.

Job News:

According to the sources, following the instructions of the High Court, this time, the Board has to send the detailed information along with the telephone numbers of the people who have taken the interview of the primary in 2016 to the Primary Education Board by January 30th. According to the current situation, several information that will be revealed through this action of the board is already being assumed by various quarters.

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