Primary TET Interview: Job seekers have to take classes in primary TET interview! Decision of the Board of Primary Education –

The primary recruitment process is about to begin. The board is going to interview the job seekers this December. The first round of interviews will be held on 27th December. It is known that the board is on the way to make several new decisions in this interview process. Apart from the interview, the aptitude test will also be updated. According to sources, the job seekers will have to take chalk duster classes in this year’s Primary TET Aptitude Test. Marks awarded by each examiner will go directly to the board’s server.

The vacancy was announced by the board earlier. Now the board will interview the job seekers to fill the vacant post. Recently, it has been learned that instead of district to district interviews as before, many tables will be made for interviews in Kolkata. But getting good marks does not guarantee that the candidate will be able to teach well in the class. Complaints were raised about the related issues earlier. Many candidates get good marks in exams but do not excel in teaching. Considering all these aspects, the board has decided that the job aspirants should show class in this aptitude test. In other words, they have to give the interview in the same way as they teach in school.

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According to board sources, not only the aptitude test will be conducted. As before, the board will also conduct the oral examination of the candidates. But the marks given by the examiners to the candidates will directly reach the board’s server. The person taking the exam will upload the marks on the board server. Besides, it is known that the entire interview process will be video recording. After uploading the marks, the candidates will be appointed based on the average marks given by the three examiners. The board informed that only eligible persons will be appointed in this year’s primary recruitment process. As usual, the Board of Primary Education is active in all directions to prevent manipulation.

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