RBI changes rules for savings accounts, check what top bank says to avoid danger – mssewb.org

: RBI i.e. Reserve Bank Of India (Reserve Bank Of India) often changes the rules and other things related to banks. In such a situation, again RBI is reported to have made several changes in the rules related to bank accounts. Meanwhile, nowadays it is difficult to find people who do not have bank account. In such a situation this report will be considered very important for you.

Basically, as per RBI’s new guidelines, all those bank account holders who have already submitted their valid documents and there is no change in address will now have to update their KYC (Know Your Customer). Also, there is no need to visit the bank branch to get this updated.

Here’s what RBI said about the new rules: According to Reserve Bank of India, if there is no change in KYC information, account holders can submit a self-declaration letter using their email ID, registered mobile number, ATM or other digital means.

Guidelines issued by RBI: In this context, let us inform that the Reserve Bank of India has issued this guideline on last Friday i.e. January 6. And it is said there, if there is no change in the KYC information, the customer’s self declaration letter is sufficient to complete the KYC process.

Banks are also informed: In such a situation, RBI in its guidelines, has asked banks to allow their customers to refer self-declaration letters through registered email id, number, ATM etc. So that customers no longer need to visit bank branches.

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