RBI News: ‘Ghosts in Saras!’ A bundle of money was stolen from the Reserve Bank itself – mssewb.org

RBI News: CCTV cameras all around, armed security deployed right outside the building – the bundle of money was stolen from RBI’s Kolkata branch. Not least, Rs 1 lakh was stolen from inside the bank itself. Officials are blindsided by the incident. As soon as the matter came to light, the officials of the Kolkata branch were shaken. The question arises, however, are there any major security gaps?

A complaint was made to the police to stop the theft. According to RBI, one lakh rupees was stolen from dirty and bad notes. These notes were originally kept in a tank for destruction. Two bundles of Rs 50 notes were stolen from there. The value of which is one lakh rupees. The police were informed that the money was stolen on Tuesday, February 7 of last week.

After receiving the complaint, the police of Hare Street police station started investigating the incident. Finally, the accused was arrested on Thursday. After seeing the CCTV footage, the police arrested Shankar Saroj, an employee of the bank. It’s like a ‘ghost in the flesh’. But from the beginning there were allegations against Shankar, after seeing the CCTV footage, he was made the main accused. Later, the police investigated the CCTV footage and arrested Shankar after questioning.

According to a source, Shankar’s house is in Hooghly. He is a contract employee of RBI. As a result, his travel to the office was free. The accused took advantage of that opportunity. It is known that Shankar was working to remove the dirty money in the tank. Then somehow he realizes that there is money in that tank. Allegedly, after that, he opened the tank and seized the money.

Incidentally, there is strict security inside the RBI as well. But according to the complaint, Shankar stole the money avoiding the watch. However, CCTV was not on his mind. That is why he was arrested after CCTV examination. However, RBI’s Calcutta branch is very uncomfortable as the security loopholes have come to the fore in this theft.

According to sources, the police arrested Shankar Saroj on Thursday. It is reported that half of the money stolen from him has been recovered. He was produced in court on Friday. It is learned that the judge ordered the accused to be kept in police custody.

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