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red sindhi cow price: Red Sindhi cow is also known as Sindhi cow. This is the best cow of indigenous breed. It is mostly used for cross breeding. before red sindhi cow It was found only in the regions of Sindh. But now it is also found in Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Odisha.

India and Pakistan as well as in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka red sindhi cow are found. Red Cindy is given more importance for cross breeding in countries like Australia and United States. Due to high milk production, cattle rearers red sindhi cow Very popular.

So come on The Rural India in this article of Red Sindhi Cow Price, Identification and Salient Features (red sindhi cow price, identification in hindi) Learn

Identification of Red Sindhi Cow

  • The body of the cow of this breed is dark to light red.

  • White stripes can also be seen on their body.

  • Red Sindhi breed cow is of medium size.

  • Sindhi cow has broad head, short and thick horns, long tail and short legs.

  • The average weight of a cow of this breed is 3.15 quintals and height is about 115 cm.

  • The average weight of the bull is 4.5 quintals and height is about 132 cm.

Salient Features of Red Sindhi Cow

  • The Sindhi cow produces 1,100 to 2,600 kg of milk per year.

  • Their milk contains about 5.0 percent fat content.

  • At the age of 39 to 50 months, the cow of this breed becomes capable of giving birth to the first calf.

  • Cows of this breed can tolerate high temperature easily.

  • red sindhi cow Disease resistance is good.

red sindhi cow price

Red Sindhi cow is an indigenous breed as well as a high milk yielding breed. Due to which all these animal husbandry brothers keep an eye on the animal market. a healthy red sindhi cow price It ranges from 15 thousand rupees to 80 thousand rupees. However, the price also depends on the milking capacity, health and age of the Red Sindhi cow.

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