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Rotavator machine (rotavator machine 2023): India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is still the occupation of most of the people in rural India. As the wheel of time is moving forward, in the same way most of the work in agriculture is now being done more on machines.

mechanization It has become very easy to do farming. In this way, tractor is no less than a boon for the farmers. But the agricultural machines attached to the tractor are very useful. In those rotavator It is an excellent agricultural machine. It is used well from plowing the field to weeding.

So come on The Rural India in this article of rotavator machine Learn about in detail.

Will learn in this article

  1. What is rotavator?

  2. Rotavator at a glance

  3. Importance and features of rotavator

  4. use of rotavator

  5. rotavator price

  6. Government Grants and Subsidies on Rotavator

What is rotavator? (what is rotavator?)

Rotavator is an agricultural equipment, which is used in the field for plowing, sowing and preparing the soil for cultivation. This machine saves farmers a lot of time, cost and energy.

Simply put, a rotavator is a machine that works with a tractor. Which is mainly used at the time of sowing seeds in the fields. Use of rotavator also improves soil health

Rotavator at a glance

The rotavator is designed in such a way that it can work on any type of soil with ease. The blades engaged in it have been designed in special ways, so that it can easily cut the soil and at the same time can be successful in other work. It is a strong machine.

Importance and features of rotavator

  • The rotavator machine can be used for plowing any type of soil.

  • Also it can be used for any crop specially for the tillage.

  • The rotavator immediately prepares the soil for cultivation.

  • Sowing of seeds is done very quickly by rotavator machine.

  • This machine has been considered best for digging in the field from a depth of 125 km to 1500 km.

  • This machine is also used to remove the remaining crop residues.

  • It can be easily rotated at any point of the field.

  • Rotavator consumes less fuel than other machines. It saves fuel by about 15- 35 percent.

  • Productivity increases quickly with a retavator machine.

  • After plowing the khoti with the rotavator, there is no need to put slats in it.

rotavator price

Many companies in the market manufacture rotavator machines keeping in mind the better and the needs of the farmers. Companies like Sonalika, Mahindra, Swan, Jaggi, John Deere, Ox, Mascio, Os Mesh, etc. manufacture rotavator machines.

Rotavator Price The Rotavator price in the Indian market starts from approximately Rs.50,000 to Rs.2.50 Lakh*. Which are very economical for the farmer brothers.

subsidy on rotavator

Many types of subsidies are also given by the government to the farmer brothers of the country to encourage farming. For such farmers, subsidy is given on rotavator and other equipment related to agriculture. So that they do not have to face any kind of problem while buying agricultural machinery. Information about subsidy and grant on agricultural machinery can be found in your nearest bank branch or agriculture department.

Let us tell you, up to 75 percent subsidy is given on agricultural machinery, and this subsidy amount increases by 5 percent for Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe or other backward class farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question- What is rotavator?

Answer- Rotavator is an agricultural equipment.

Question- What is the cost of rotavator in India?

Answer- The price of rotavator in the Indian market starts from about 50 thousand to 2.50 lakh* rupees.

Question- What percentage of fuel does Rotavator save as compared to other machines?

Ans- Rotavator saves fuel up to 15-35 percent as compared to other machines.

Question- Where to buy rotavator?

Answer- You can buy it online or offline from the company.

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