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Madhyamik Exam 2023: Secondary examination will start in a few days. Similarly, the Madhya Shiksha Parshad warned the examinees to maintain discipline before appearing in the first big exam of their life. The board has already issued a guideline regarding the examination and said that if the examinees violate any rule, cause any damage to the examination center, then the results of the concerned examinees will not be published when the results are published.

The board is cautious about this year’s secondary examination from the beginning. A number of important steps are being taken to maintain examination security and center discipline. For example, the examination center will have CCTV surveillance, there will be police guarding. As unprecedented steps are being taken to prevent question leaks, the Board of Madhyamika is also active in preventing theft. However, in the meantime, a notification has been published by the board and it has been informed that the examinees will face severe punishment if they break the discipline of the examination center.

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That is, if any secondary examinee damages any equipment of the examination center, is involved in the incident of vandalism, then all the examinees who are found guilty in the relevant incident based on appropriate evidence, will be withheld the results of the Board of Madhya Shiksha. In that case, in case of vandalism, a report should be made to the board along with the before and after examination photos.

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The Board of Secondary Education has taken a strict decision to protect the discipline of the examination. The teachers have been informed that the secondary examinees should be made aware of this in advance. If involved in the chaos, even if the result of the secondary examination is published, the results of the accused examinees will be withheld by the Board of Madhya Shiksha. In that case, the results of the concerned candidates will not be released until the examination center is compensated, the Officer-in-Charge, Center Secretary/Venue Supervisor, and Additional Venue Supervisor have written permission. Recently, the issues have been informed by the board in strict guidelines.

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