Sensational information came forward again! 12 times created an additional panel for teacher recruitment! –

The state is shocked by one sensational information after another in the state’s teacher recruitment corruption case. This time, such a serious allegation has come forward again. Recently, during a case related to recruitment corruption, in Justice Gangopadhyay’s bench, the private organization responsible for the 2014 TET OMR sheet examination claimed that not once, but almost twelve times, additional panels were formed for the appointment of teachers.

Several cases are under trial in the court regarding corruption in the recruitment of teachers in the state. One such case was heard on Friday. The case came up in the bench of Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay. According to the sources, in today’s hearing, Justice Gangopadhyay ordered a private organization in charge of the 2014 primary TET OMR sheet examination to clarify the method of dividing the number of the list. After that the company placed the corresponding claim. It was also informed that additional panels of 2208 candidates were formed about twelve times in 2017 according to the information provided by the board.

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The judge expressed surprise at such sensational information. He then questioned the role of the CBI in the recruitment corruption probe. He also ordered to speed up the investigation process. Besides, CBI officials have also been directed to talk to ED.
Incidentally, on this day, the judge assigned the CBI to investigate several issues related to recruitment corruption.

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