Share Market Updates: Foreign financial institutions in the role of ‘Santa Claus’! 8260.43 crores invested in stock market in one month –

Share Market Updates: Foreign financial institutions or ‘Foreign Institutional Investors’ were the net sellers in the Indian stock market last November. According to NSDL data, they sold shares worth around Rs 3150 crore in the realty sector alone.

But the opposite picture was seen in December. Today, before the Christmas and New Year holidays, foreign investment in the Indian stock market is about $1 billion, according to statistics.

The data also reveals that this amount of investment has come only in the last 15 days. Naturally, investors have been curious about which foreign financial institutions have invested this huge amount in which sector?

Foreign investment came in mainly consumer services (Tk 2,676 crore), FMCG (Tk 2,649 crore), capital goods (Tk 1,984 crore) and metals and mining (Tk 1,391 crore), the statistics said.

On the other hand, foreign financial institutions sold shares in oil and gas (2,230 crore), IT (1,314 crore) and power (1,087 crore).

Foreign financial institutions have been net buyers in 4 months so far in the 2022 financial year. Those 4 months are – July, August, November and December.
And so far the outflow of foreign investment has been 1.2 lakh crore rupees.

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Due to this outflow, the rupee has fallen against the dollar. The rupee has depreciated 11% against the dollar so far.

However, in the current situation of the international stock market, investors are focusing their attention from the international stock market to the domestic market. It becomes clear by buying shares of foreign financial institutions.

Among the major indices, Nifty FMCG was the only sector that managed to hold its ground despite the foreign investment outflow last month.

Analyzing the situation, experts say that this sector will give good returns in 2023 as well. Because, the affordability situation in urban areas of the country looks positive so far. Experts believe that the purchasing power of rural areas will also increase.

On the other hand, the worst situation in 2022 is the IT sector. Investment in this sector is very low. Investments in the overall sector are very small except in stocks. Some experts fear that this disaster will continue in the future.

However, the situation of the stock market so far may change dramatically if the spread of corona infection. This is what the experts are warning.

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