Shark Tank India Judges: Sharks lose billions of rupees in their own business? Strong speculation surrounding the post –

Shark Tank India Judges: Currently, season two of Shark Tank is once again popular. Earlier, Season 1 had dropped the response. But many viewers think that the judges of Shark Tank i.e. the sharks are earning a lot of money. But what is the real issue? A recent social media post has fueled speculation around the claim. A Linkedin user says that the sharks of Shark Tank are losing billions of rupees. However, the netizen claims that everyone except Aman Gupta, the founder of BoAt, has seen Los’s face. Linkedin user named Ankit Uttam said that he was never satisfied with this Indian version of Shark Tank. Not even in the first season. As a reason, he said, all the judges of the American Shark Tank (Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Laurie Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary) are doing business that actually makes a profit, they did not live on the money of loss. How much has a shark lost?

Vinita Singh – Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar Cosmetics owner Vinita Singh is a familiar face on Shark Tank. He is claimed to have faced a loss of Rs 75 crore in the financial year 2022. Whereas the company incurred a loss of around Rs 2.1 crore in the financial year 2021. (Photo Courtesy – Vineeta Singh Instagram)

Ashini Grover and Bharat Pe Controversy

The person, named Ankit Uttam, claimed that Bharat Pay incurred a total loss of Rs 5,594 in the 2022 financial year. Earlier the company faced a loss of Rs 2,961 crore in the financial year 2021. Ashnir Grover was also cut off from Bharat Pay by the company’s board recently. (Photo Courtesy – Ashneer Grover Instagram) – Anupam Mittal


Ankit claims that apart from Anupam Mittal’s, other companies like, Mauj Mobile did not get much response at all. He said that has not brought forward any report of current financial status. (Photo Courtesy – Anupam Mittal Instagram)

Lenscart – Piyush Bansal

Lenskart is no doubt a very popular name in Indian eyewear. But Ankit’s viral Twitter post claimed that Piyus Bansal’s Lenscart had incurred a loss of Rs 102.3 crore in the 2022 financial year. (Courtesy – Social Media)

Namita MQ Pharma – Namita Thapar

Ankit also took a hand in Namitha Thapar by making explosive claims in her post. He claims that Namitha’s father started the company and he is still its CEO. Sarcastically, Ankit wrote in the post, “Her credibility in this is like Ananya Pandey in Bollywood. (Have you ever heard of nepotism!!)” (Photo courtesy Namita Thapar)

Kar Deho – Amit Jain

Amit Jain is the new shark of Shark Tank. He is the owner of popular company Kar Dekho. Ankit claimed that the company faced a loss of Rs 246.5 crore in the financial year 2021-22. (Photo Courtesy – Amit Jain Instagram)

MamaEarth – Ghazal Alagh / Boat – Aman Gupta

Ankit claims that Ghazal Alagh’s MamaEarth business has made its first profit in 2022 since its inception. At the same time, the post said, Aman Gupta’s Boats is the company that has been in the profit seat since the very beginning among the Shark Tank sharks. Although Aman himself has stated several times, his various ventures before the bot were ultimately unsuccessful. (Image Courtesy – Instagram of Ghazal Alagh and Aman Gupta)

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