Shark Tank India Season 2: Business increased from 5000 rupees to 3 crores! Geeta’s story in Shark Tank is amazing –

Shark Tank India Season 2: Shark Tank Season 2 has made a mega comeback since the beginning of January. Shark Tank is a platform where various entrepreneurs of the country share business ideas and raise funds in exchange for equity. The fighting spirit of several young entrepreneurs in last year’s Shark Tank inspired many entrepreneurs. This is another story that has come to the fore in the beginning of season 2. Here we are talking about Geeta Patil, but she is popularly known as Patil Kaki. Profit statistics are proof of his success. He started the business with just Rs 5000 and took it to Rs 3 crore. It was after this success in business that Geeta Patil decided to come on Shark Tank and present her business story and request the sharks to ride in her success.

Since the start of Shark Tank Season 2 on January 2, many have appeared on the Shark Tank stage to attract investment. But on the second day of the show, Geeta Patil surprised even the sharks. The 47-year-old woman went from being a housewife to a self-made millionaire. A clip from his episode has already been shared by the channel.

Geeta Patil originally ran a snacks business. Sharks like Anupam, Vinita, Piyush, Aman, Namitha agreed to invest seeing his fast growing business. He started branding his snacks business with the name ‘Patil Kaki’. In just a few years that business has reached 3 crores today. Coming on the stage of Shark Tank, Geeta told Sharks that she started this business in 2017 with Rs 5000 from a family member. Today’s sales in that business is Rs.3 crores.

After hearing about Geeta Patil’s business, the sharks were very attracted. Shark Aman Gupta Patil offered to invest Rs 40 lakh for 5 percent equity ownership in Kaki’s business. Again Anupam Mittal defeated Aman Gupta. He offered to invest Rs 40 lakh for 4 percent equity. However, Geeta rejects the offer of these two saying that she wants to get all the sharks together. Hearing that, Mittal said, as a result, the size of the offer will change. Everyone was looking forward to see what happens next.

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