Shark Tank India Season 2: KL Rahul’s nephew appeared in Shark Tank! Tajjab Sharks are excited to see the business –

Shark Tank India Season 2: After the first season was a huge success, Shark Tank India season two started recently. Several episodes of this show have now started going viral on social media. In a recent episode, 2 young entrepreneurs came up with their own business. One of them is Vishwanath and the other is Pratik. Their business is actually bowling machine business. The two entrepreneurs said their brand name is ‘Free Bowler’.

The two entrepreneurs made no effort to impress the sharks. They said that their brand ambassador is Team India’s spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. Prateek also said that he is the nephew of Indian team’s opener batsman KL Rahul. They put an offer of Rs 75 lakh to the sharks for 7.5% equity in their business. But the sharks did not respond to this proposal. Instead, entrepreneurs have to be stuck.

Prateek said that his family has a cricketing background as his great-grandfather was directly associated with cricket. However, most of the sharks showed no interest in this business. The sharks blamed the loss of business as the reason.

Anupam Mittal directly informed that there is no demand for this product in the market. He also said, ‘I am very surprised to see that you know nothing about this business market. You have been operating for more than 5 years, yet why should your business be in loss?’

Offered by Namitha Thapar

Namitha Thapar made an offer despite not agreeing to the employers’ offer. 25 lacs for 15% equity in this lady shark business and a loan of 50 lacs at 5% interest. But instead of agreeing to that, the two entrepreneurs made another proposal. Namita said, ‘I’m making you an offer when no other sharks are interested in your business, and you’re making a counter offer!’

At the end of the day, Rafadfa is with Namitha Thapar. But it changes as 25 lakh for 7.5% equity and 50 lakh loan at 10% interest was agreed upon by the entrepreneur and the sharks. Seeing the entrepreneurs agreeing to 10 percent interest, Anupam Mittal asked, ‘How to return so much interest? You have nothing.’

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