Shikhar Dhawan Investment: Dhawan’s new record in investment in Asia! Launching 619 crore sportstech fund –

Shikhar Dhawan Investment: India’s reliable opener Shikhar Dhawan has set a new record in the investment market. He is launching Sportstech Fund with a fund of 75 million dollars or 619 crore rupees. Its name is Da One Global Ventures. As a result, it is the first player in Asia to launch a venture capital fund to invest in startups.

Shikhar Dhawan said in a press release about his venture, “I am looking forward to start a new innings of life and embark on a journey in the world of venture capital.” He also said that the fund is targeted to be launched in the first quarter of 2023-24.

It has been informed that this fund is being developed as a global fund and multistage fund. Where startups in the world of sports will be given priority. It is reported that there are also plans to call on famous athletes from the world of sports to represent the fund.

Incidentally, Din announced the launch of this fund in Abu Dhabi a few days ago. He said, this fund will mainly focus on the world of sports. E-sports, gaming, web3.0 and sports infrastructure companies are going to be the target companies of this fund. The company also said it is currently looking for potential companies.

Shikhar Dhawan

Why is Shikhar Dhawan investing in SportsTech Fund?

In this context, the captain of Punjab Kings said that there is a business area of ​​500 billion dollars for the world of sports. He also said, “There’s going to be a lot of technology coming into the world of sports. It’s going to change in a big way. So we think this is the right time for us to start.”

Incidentally, the reliable left-handed opener of the Indian team is currently playing an active role in multiple investments in the world of sports. He has been associated with several startup ecosystems in the country for the past few years. As a result, he was on the same seat with Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli in terms of investment. The god of Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar was also in the same list. However, by building a global investment fund, he created a new precedent for this record not only in India, but also in Asia.

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