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Solar energy business: Most of the countries of the world including India are facing shortage of energy sources. In such a situation, solar energy is emerging as a huge source. Solar energy is a source that is never likely to get depleted. While the energy obtained from coal, petrol is on the verge of ending soon. Solar energy is a cheap and abundantly available renewable energy source. Let us tell you, India has made many better efforts in the field of solar energy in the last few years.

in India Solar panel business There are immense possibilities. If you are looking to start a business, a solar panel business can be a lucrative business opportunity. Several companies in India are leaders in manufacturing solar panels and batteries. Like- Tata Power Solar System, Loom Solar, Luminous, Microtek, Havells Solar, and Exide Solar etc.

How to start solar panel business

There are many businesses that you can start to start the business of solar energy and solar energy related equipment.

Solar Business Retailer / Selling Solar Products

The simplest and easiest business that can be started in the solar panel business is selling solar products. There are many solar products that can be sold at retail or on online platforms. As- Solar Fans, Lights, Charger, Solar Thermal System, Water Heater, Battery etc. Solar lights, torches and fans are in great demand in rural areas where there is a problem of frequent power cuts. Similarly, one can sell products like solar panels, storage batteries etc.

solar panel manufacturer

4 to 5 crore rupees are required to start a solar panel manufacturing plant. With this investment, you can manufacture solar panels and sell them in the market under your own brand name. Manufacturing of solar panels (solar panel manufacturer) is also a lucrative business opportunity. Solar panels are a major component and a requirement of any solar power installation. A plant for manufacturing solar panels requires an investment of ₹4-5 crore apart from other expenses to go to market with your product.

Solar System Integrator

Solar System Integrator There is a need to install any solar system at home or for commercial purposes. if you Solar System Integrated If you can then you can easily do this business. It is mandatory for you to have technical knowledge for this business.

In short, considering India’s commitment towards alternative energy goals, solar panel business in India is a great opportunity. The availability of proper solar panels and other products such as batteries, inverters can make the solar panel business viable.

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