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sonalika di 50 tiger price: to do farm work Tractor The role of is very important. More than 100 companies manufacture tractors in our country. Among these, Sonalika is a leading tractor manufacturer. Sonalika Company Known for manufacturing the best models of tractors. Sonalika DI 50 Tiger (sonalika di 50 tigers One of the top tractor.

So come on The Rural India in this article of Sonalika DI 50 Tiger Price (sonalika tiger 50 price) Know more about the features in detail.

Sonalika Tiger 50 price at a glance

company brand

Sonalika Tractors


Sonalika DI 50 Tiger

cylinder number


engine horsepower

52 hp


12 forward + 12 reverse


Multi Disc Oil Immersed Brakes


5000 hours or 5 years

sonalika tiger 50 price

Rs 6.70 Lakh to Rs 7.15 Lakh*

Sonalika DI 50 Tiger Engine Capacity

Sonalika DI 50 Tiger Tractor is a 52 HP strong tractor. Its engine capacity is 3065 cc. Apart from this, it has been given 3 cylinders and 2000 engine RPM rated, which help it in tough farm work.

How Sonalika DI 50 Tiger Tractor is Beneficial

Sonalika DI 50 Tiger tractor (sonalika tiger 50) fulfills each and every need of the farmer brothers. This tractor has 2WD to Single and Dual 4WD clutches, which is very easy to operate. Sonalika Tiger 50 steering type is smooth Hydrostatic Steering, that tractor gets easy to handle.

Sonalika DI 50 Tiger Tractor It also gets Oil Immersed Brakes, which maintain a firm grip on the fields. This tractor comes with 12 Forward + 12 Reverse Gear Box.

The best thing for the farmer brothers is that this tractor can easily lift up to 2000 kgs of material. Also, it is easy to install large equipment related to agriculture.

This Sonalika tractor has been given Coolant Cooled for cooling and dry type for air filter, so that this tractor can run smoothly for a long time.

Sonalika DI 50 Tiger tractor price (sonalika tiger 50 price)

Sonalika DI 50 Tiger tractor price (sonalika tiger 50 price) is very economical for the farmers. Its price in the Indian market starts from around Rs.6.70 Lakh to Rs.7.15 Lakh*.

Warranty on Sonalika DI 50 Tiger tractor

Sonalika Company gives a minimum warranty of 5000 hours or up to 5 years on Sonalika DI 50 Tiger Tractor.

Additional Features of Sonalika DI 50 Tiger Tractor

For the convenience of the company farmers, this tractor model has been fitted with head lamp with integrated LED DRL, work lamp and chrome bezel, fender lamp with LED DRL, combination switch, lever type steering column illumination.

Instrument cluster with integrated digital camera meter, service reminder with buzzer, digital clock, air clogging buzzer and chrome garnish, single piece front hood with gas straight, flat platform for operator, deluxe operator seat with inclined plane, 4 way adjustable , Crash Guard, Adjustable Heavy Duty Tow, Front Weight Carrier and many more are included in this Sonalika DI 50 Tiger tractor.

As- Tool, Top Link, Canopy, Hook, Bumper, Draw Bar etc. Farmers can use all these things according to their needs.

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