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sonalika gt 22 price: These days the trend of small tractors is increasing very fast in India. Their sales are also increasing. As you all know, Sonalika Tractors is one of the pioneers in manufacturing of small tractors. Sonalika GT 22 Tractor (sonalika gt 22) Also a mini tractor. Farmers like this tractor model of Sonalika very much. Sonalika GT 22 tractor gives efficient performance in field and horticulture operations. This mini tractor is considered suitable for plowing, harvesting, pulling and haulage in the field. It is a mini tractor made with new technologies. This mini tractor of Sonalika looks very beautiful in appearance.

So come on The Rural India In the series of tractor junction Sonalika GT 22 tractor price (sonalika gt 22 price 2023) Know more about the features in detail.

Sonalika GT 22 Tractor at a glance

company brand

Sonalika Tractors


Sonalika GT 22 tractor overview

cylinder number


engine horsepower

22 hp


6 forward + 2 reverse


oil immersed brakes


2000 hours or 2 years

sonalika gt 22 price

3.42 lakh* up to Rs.

Sonalika GT 22 Tractor Engine Capacity

Sonalika GT 22 Tractor (sonalika gt 22) In you are given with 3 cylinders and 22 HP. It is powered by a powerful 979 CC engine, which performs well for agricultural purposes. Apart from this, the engine rated RPM of this mini tractor is 3050. Sonalika GT 22 has water cooled cooling system and air filter with oil dam pre cleaner. This tractor is given PTO HP 12.82, which makes it an impressive tractor.

Special Features of Sonalika GT 22 Tractor

Sonalika GT 22 Tractor (sonalika gt 22) Provided to you with a single clutch. This tractor has 6 forward + 2 reverse gear. This tractor is offered to you with Oil Immersed Brakes and smooth Manual Steering. This mini tractor gives good mileage in farm work. Its diesel tank capacity has been given 35 liters.

tell you that Sonalika GT 22 Tractor Net Weight 850 kgs and the maximum load carrying capacity is up to 650 kgs. Apart from this, the weight of its wheel base is 1430 MM, the overall length of the tractor is 2560 MM, its overall width is 970 MM and ground clearance is 200 MM. This tractor has 4WD wheel drive.

Other equipment in Sonalika GT 22 tractor

For the convenience of the farmer brothers, the company provides the facilities of tools, toplink, canopy, hook, bumper, drawbar etc. in this model tractor.

Warranty on Sonalika GT 22 tractor

Sonalika cares for each and every one of her customers. Sonalika GT 22 Tractor Net Weight But up to 2000 hours or 2 years.

Sonalika GT 22 tractor price (sonalika gt 22 price)

The price of each Sonalika tractor is very affordable for the farmer brothers. in Indian market Sonalika GT 22 tractor price (sonalika gt 22 price) 3.30 to 3.42 Lakh* approximately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question- What is the HP of Sonalika GT 22?

Answer- Sonalika GT 22 Tractor is a 22 HP Tractor.

Question- What is the diesel tank capacity of Sonalika GT 22?

Answer- Sonalika GT 22 tractor has a Diesel tank capacity of 35 Ltr.

Question- What is the Sonalika GT 22 tractor Price?

Answer- Sonalika GT 22 tractor price is up to Rs. 3.42 Lakh*.

Question- How many Gears are in Sonalika GT 22?

Answer- Sonalika GT 22 Tractor has 6 Forward + 2 Reverse Gears.

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