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masala business plan in hindi, spice Makes food tasty and flavourful. Without Spices The taste of food seems bland and incomplete. If you also want to start a business with less capital. So spice businessmasala business There is a good option for you. If you are a woman and want to do spice business from home, then you must do it.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of How to do spice business? (How to start spice business) Know its complete details.

In this blog you will know-

  • how to start spices business

  • Where to open shop for spice business

  • place to make masala masala

  • machine used for grinding spices

  • Where to buy masala grinding machines

  • Registration for Spices Business

  • spice shop name

  • Raw materials used to make spices

  • packing of spices

  • How to do spice marketing

  • Spices Business Challenges

  • Cost and profit in spice business

A Look at the Spice Industry

  • India in spice production in the world First is in place.

  • Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer and exporter of spices in the country.

  • while Kerala ‘Garden of Spices’ Where is it called?

  • The largest turmeric growing states are Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

  • 70% of ginger is grown in Kerala. Kerala is followed by Meghalaya in second place.

  • to cardamom queen of spices It is called

  • The most cardamom growing states are Karnataka and Kerala.

  • Karnataka’s name also comes first in growing cinnamon, clove and black pepper.

How to start a spice business

If you are a farmer, then you can grow spices in your own farm and sell them by grinding or grinding them. You do not need a huge space for the spice business. If you want, you can do spice business from your home too. If you are not a farmer and want to do spice business, then you can buy and sell spices from your nearby market or farmer. You can earn money.

Where to open shop for spice business

Even in your home if you want Spice business can do. If your house is on the street, then you do not need to buy space for the shop separately. But if you want to do business in the city, then for this you will need a room which has a place. Which will have to be rented and you can open your spice shop there.

place for making spices

If your house is big and has a terrace, then you can dry and grind the masala there and sell it. But if you do not have the facility of space, then you have to look for a place where there is a place to dry and grind the spices.

spice grinding machine

Spice grinding machines are available in the market at different prices and different types. If you are doing this work on a small scale, then you can grind and sell spices in a simple mixer. If you are doing on a large scale then you will have to take many machines.


  • cleaner

  • dryer

  • grinder

  • special powder blade

  • bag sealing machine

Where to buy masala grinding machines

You can also from the market around you spice grinding machine can buy. Apart from this, you can also buy the machine from any wholesaler or machine retailer. If you want, you can buy the spice grinding machine online by looking at any site and buy it according to your budget.

Registration for spice business

If you are doing this business in your village or on a small scale, then you do not need to get any kind of registration done. If you are doing this business on a large scale and you are the only owner of it. So you will also have to get the One Person Company registered. after that you FSSAI You will also have to apply for proof of purity of your spices. After this you will get the certificate. With which you can sell your spice as a brand with AGMARK. You will also have to get GST registration done.

name of spice shop

If you want to open a spice shop, then the name should also be as spicy as the spice. If you want, you can also name your spice after yourself. On listening to which people would understand that this is a spice shop. Keep the quality good along with the name, so that people on hearing the name of your shop understand that yes, they provide good quality spices.

Raw material used for making masala

packing of spices

If you do not want to keep any special packing, then you can sell spices in ordinary polythene or by tying them in paper. But if you want to make your spice famous as a brand, then you have to name your spice. And after getting the registration done with that name, get the packets of the same name also printed and you can pack and sell your spice in it.

How to market spices

If you want, you can sell the spices yourself or contact the shopkeepers around you and sell them. Apart from this, if you cultivate a lot of spices, then you can also become a wholesale retailer of spices. If you want, you can send your spices to other states as well. Apart from this, if you want, you can also send your spice to online commercial sites.

Spices Business Challenges

Homemade spices tend to spoil after a while. So if the homemade spices don’t sell quickly. So you will have to suffer the consequences yourself. That’s why make the spice only as much as it is consumed.

cost of spice business

spice business It’s up to you to factor in the cost. If you are also a farmer and cultivate spices, then you do not need to invest in spices, you will only have to invest in machinery and some items to sell. But if you are doing it on a large scale and you also have to buy spices, then you will have to buy goods worth about one lakh to two lakhs.

profit in spice business

It is true that you will get profit according to the cost you will invest. But if your quality is good. And even if you keep less spice, people will come to you. And will take the spices from you. Keep in mind that always keep the quality of the spices good. Do not do any kind of adulteration.

If you caught the market. If your masala is good, then very soon you will also make a good place in the market. And will also earn good profit because spice is such a thing which is needed by everyone. Without which it is difficult to work.

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