SSC Group D: Top in Blank OMR Sheet! The CBI said that the number of the first ten of the merit list is ‘zero’! –

A lot of corruption in the appointment of SSC Group D posts! The Central Investigation Agency (CBI) investigating the incident reported that the marks obtained in the answer sheet of the candidates in the first ten of the merit list were zero! They got a place in the merit list where this number is not supposed to be appointed!

As in the recruitment of other posts in the state, evidence of fraud has been found in the recruitment of Group D candidates. 1911 Group D candidates have already been canceled by the order of Justice Gangopadhyay. In the meantime, sensational information has come to light in the report submitted by the CBI in the Group D recruitment corruption case. According to the CBI, according to the information obtained from the hard disk recovered from the office of the OMR sheet evaluation agency in Ghaziabad, the records of the candidates in the top ten of the merit list are blank except for the name, venue code, booklet serial. The marks obtained for this account are virtually ‘zero’. But this ‘zero’ number has become ’43’ on the server through manipulation!

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This is how the candidates were recruited illegally. Meanwhile, eligible candidates are deprived. Recently, the School Service Commission published a notification and canceled the recommendation letter of the ineligible candidates. And in this list there are ten candidates of the respective merit list. Incidentally, the commission will appoint candidates from the waiting list for the created vacancies. However, special precautions are being taken in this year’s recruitment program.

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