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5 Village Business Ideas in Hindi: India is a country of villages. Agriculture is the main occupation in the village. Apart from agriculture, animal husbandry, fish farming, vegetable business are prominent in other businesses. There are many businesses related to agriculture in the village, which you can easily earn a living by doing it in the village itself. Let me tell you, some people of the village are not able to read and write much due to lack of money and lack of proper information. Due to which they are unable to work outside or in cities even if they want to.

So come on The Rural India In this blog of 5 business ideas for villagers Will talk about from which you can start in your village and earn good income.

Village Business Ideas

  1. home delivery of milk

  2. car wash business

  3. vegetable business

  4. Puncture and air business

  5. tea shop

Home Delivery of Milk (Dairy Business)

Most of the people in the village rear cows and buffaloes in their homes because there is no shortage of fodder in the village. The straw and grass that comes out of agriculture is used as fodder for animals. Milk business is a business that you can easily do in the village and earn your livelihood by selling milk in the cities. You can stay healthy by drinking milk and you can also earn money by selling it.

You do not need to be very educated to do dairy business. Dairy business never goes into loss if you do it in an advanced way. Most of the people prefer home delivery of good milk. If you deliver pure milk to the customers, they become happy.

If you want, you can also sell sweets made of paneer, khoya and milk. In this way, along with your homework, you dairy business You can earn better money than

Car Wash Business

Nowadays it is common to have two wheelers or four wheelers in almost everyone’s homes. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of doing something, then you can think of starting a car washing business. With which you can earn decent money and also take care of your home.

If you start this work on a well-moving road or highway, you can save about 25 to 30 thousand rupees in a month.

Vegetable Business

No one can survive without vegetables. People like to eat green fresh vegetables every day. So if you live in a village then this can be a very beneficial deal for you.

If you want, according to the season, cultivate vegetables in your own field. When the vegetables start coming out, start breaking them and selling them yourself. Due to which you will get double profit. If you want, you can also send your vegetables to the market in your village. Apart from this, you can also take it to the nearby markets and sell it at a good price, so that you can get a good profit.

Puncture and air business (Tyre Repairing Business)

Just as it is common in every house to have a vehicle, similarly it is common for a vehicle to have a puncture whether it is a small or a big vehicle. So if you want, you can open a small puncture and air filling shop on the road around your village and earn a lot of money.

Neither you need to be highly educated nor need to invest a lot of capital to start a puncture and air business. This is a very good business idea for the people living in the village. In this business only you should have a little knowledge of filling air and making puncture, then you can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees per month.

Tea Stall

India is a country where people love tea more than coffee. Here about 70% of the people’s headache medicine is cured by tea only, so how can the tea business not run? People go out to discuss tea early in the morning and even when they are free from their work, they get the most peace of mind only after drinking tea. So tea business You can start with great enthusiasm even in the village.

Nowadays, the craze for tea has become such that even engineering educated people open tea shops and earn lakhs of rupees by becoming famous from the tea shop with their secret spices.

If you want to open a tea shop in the village itself, feel free to open it because people everywhere like to drink tea, whether it is a village or a city. You can earn good profit every month by selling tea. For this, you do not even need any kind of registration or license.

All this business (5 business ideas for villagers) is a very good option to do in the village because it will not require a lot of capital and if your business goes on, you can earn thousands of rupees in a month.

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