Tata Motors: Tata Motors is on its way to making EV batteries in Europe – mssewb.org

This time: Tata Group is planning to start production of electric vehicle batteries in Europe. They want to convert their UK-made cars to battery-powered cars as soon as possible. And that is why one of the country’s oldest industrial groups wants to produce batteries in Europe. Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors will mainly use the batteries produced in the European factory. In addition, the company will sell those batteries in other markets around the world. Tata Motors Chief Financial Officer PB Balaji said this in an interview given to Bloomberg at the Auto Expo in Greater Noida. He said, ‘We are ready with the plan of battery production. But, we also need to build some battery manufacturing capacity in Europe.’

Tata has finalized plans and will announce them soon, the official said, though he did not say where in Europe the plant would be opened and when it would start production. In his words, ‘huge amount of investment will be made.’ Two types of chemical processes will be used in the proposed plant. Lithium Iron Phosphate and Nickel Manganese Cobalt will be used for Tata Motors’ electric vehicles as well as Jaguar Land Rover.

Balaji feels that this factory will be helpful in ensuring that the supply of essential products required for car manufacturing is uninterrupted and proper control can be achieved. The car industry in Britain is going from bad to worse. Jaguar Land Rover is made in Britain and Brexit and the transition to electric cars have left the country’s car industry in dire straits. No major investment has come to the country to build battery factories. The only exception is China’s Envision Group.

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