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Tata Steel: Tata Steel recognized for best workplace environment. This recognition by the ‘Great Place to Work Institute’ has once again highlighted the internal environment of the Tata Group in the international arena. With this, Tata Steel got this status for 6 consecutive times.

Tata Steel has broken the mold known for creating a high-quality environment in the workplace in terms of multiple criteria including equality, respect, trust, mutual sympathy. Whatever happens in the outside world, the company has never deviated from the principle of ‘People First’. Experts say, this recognition is a reflection of that effort.

Tata Steel’s work environment has been rated as the best on basically 5 criteria. That is, – Credibility, Respect, Transparency, Pride and Compassion towards co-workers. That is, to establish the quality of trust and performance within the company, Tata Steel has been able to do just that.

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Tata Steel’s Vice President of Human Resource Management, Atrei Sanyal, said that for many years, Tata Steel has been trying to create an environment of mutual respect, trust and empathy in the workplace. Where everyone will not only respect everyone, but everyone will also understand each other’s pros and cons. Tata Steel aims to diversify its human resources by 25% by 2025, Atreyi Sanyal said. That is why efforts are being made to create such a working environment, where an employee can come and work with his head held high without fear.

This honor emphasizes many other aspects of the workplace environment. Like what human resource management is doing for marginalized people in the society, whether it is sympathetic to the LGBTQIA+ community, thousands of issues are looked into.

But one more important thing is noticed. That is, whether there is a balance between professional life and personal life. That’s why the human resource policy includes Sabbatical leave, Creche Policy, Extended maternity leave & surrogacy leave, child care leave, Equal opportunity & anti-discrimination policy, new-born parental leave, adoption leave, nursing breaks, Raahat-Menstrual leave. Adopt policy.

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Incidentally, the Great Place to Work® Institute reviews the work environment of nearly 10,000 companies in more than 60 countries around the world every year. As a result, this honor in terms of scope and importance will undoubtedly give Tata Steel an added boost.

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