Teacher Recruitment: 10 organizations of job seekers came down to demand recruitment! – mssewb.org

There is no appointment in the state! The job seekers of the state have been deprived for a long time. There have been many protests, demonstrations, hunger strikes. Only a promise was made in return. The job situation has not changed. Job seekers are again vocal in protest. On this day, 10 organizations of job seekers came down the road. Many job seekers of the state joined the procession.

The job seekers of this state have come together. Let only one claim be appointed. On this day, the procession of job seekers proceeded from Sealda, Howrah and College Street towards Rani Rasmani Avenue. They have decided to hold a meeting there. 2014 Primary, Group D, SLST candidates participated in the procession. Besides, the job seekers of South Twenty-four Parganas who were not named in the 2009 panel participated in the procession.

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Even before this, the job seekers organized a mass rally. Apart from this, movement, protest and hunger strike are going on for the demand of recruitment. Forced withdrawal from breaking that movement. Complaints were made to the state administration. According to the united job seekers, the grand march will be organized in the coming days as well. They will unite again and again to demand recruitment in a transparent way.

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