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The result of Primary TATE Exam 2022 has been declared recently. Out of the 620,000 candidates participating in this year’s TET, a little over one and a half lakh candidates have passed. But job seekers are not relieved even after passing. Because their appointment is still uncertain.

After two months of the end of the examination, the board declared the result (WBBPE). However, even if you pass the TET, when will you get the appointment? This same question keeps coming up again and again. Earlier, there are still complications regarding the recruitment of candidates who passed the TET examination in 2012, 2014, and 2017. Several cases pending in court. This year’s TET passers join millions of previous job seekers. As a result, it is understood that their appointment is time-consuming. The board has currently adopted a recruitment program for the job seekers of the previous three years namely 2012, 14, and 17. After the recruitment of these candidates, new vacancies will be sought from the Education Department. After that the board will organize the interview of the new TET passed candidates.

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That is to say, after recruiting the previous candidates, the recruitment program will be taken up for the new TET passed candidates. 2022 TET pass candidates will be appointed if the education department gives vacancies. In the meantime, the board is thinking of organizing the TET exam twice a year. Needless to say, the resulting competition will increase. On the other hand, a case was also filed in the court regarding the wide difference between the marks of the current TET pass candidates and the previous TET pass candidates. A committee has been formed to protect equality in that regard. Even though the situation is complicated, Board President Gautam Pal said that the Board of Primary Education is eager to appoint job seekers quickly.

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