TET: 2023 the possibility of primary TET again in the second half! However, ‘following due process’ will be appointed! – mssewb.org

The results of Primary Tate 2022 were released on Friday 10th February. On this day, a press conference was called and the results were announced by the Board of Primary Education. At the same time, the president of the board said that the board is thinking about organizing Tet twice a year. In that case candidates will be appointed ‘following due process’.

After the release of the primary TET results today, it is known that more than one and a half lakh candidates have passed out of the six lakh and twenty thousand candidates who participated in the 2022 TET. But all these candidates are joined with the candidates waiting for recruitment from earlier. Before this, about lakhs of TATE pass candidates are still not recruited. Therefore, despite passing the TET, the candidates are still uncertain about the appointment. In the meantime, the president of the board said that the primary TET exam can be organized again in 2023. However, the whole matter is still under consideration. In that case, the Board has to propose to the Education Department of the Government of West Bengal to organize the TET examination. Because the administrative infrastructure for organizing the exam comes from the government.

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Incidentally, the board president said that if the TET exam is held in 2023, it is likely to be held in the second half of the year. However, no specific date has been announced yet. Before that, after knowing the opinion of the committee, the board will make a proposal to the education department. After getting permission from the education department, the next phase of thinking will be started.

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