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The state is plagued by teacher recruitment corruption. Several cases pending in court. According to the orders of the High Court, the jobs of unqualified teachers are being canceled one after another. Earlier, the state approached the Supreme Court challenging the public interest litigation filed on the 2014 Primary Tate. But practically the state had to return from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court dismissed the state’s plea and sent the case under the High Court.

The state government is extremely uncomfortable with the primary tet corruption. Many prominent personalities have been arrested in the investigation process. Multiple cases are being filed in court daily. On the one hand, the movement and protests are going on demanding the appointment, on the other hand, the courts are canceling the jobs of unqualified candidates. In such a situation, the state approached the Supreme Court challenging the public interest case filed on the 2014 Tet.

Primary TET Answer Key:

In this case, the state’s claim was about 2014 Tet, after eight years, why the public interest case! Therefore, an application was made by the state to the Supreme Court to dismiss this public interest case. However, the Supreme Court rejected this plea of ​​the state. The Supreme Court said that the responsibility of all cases related to recruitment corruption will be on the Calcutta High Court. Therefore, what has to be said in this regard should be told in the High Court itself.

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Incidentally, in the case filed regarding the appointment of 42,000 candidates in the 2014 primary TATE, the investigation was entrusted to the CBI on the orders of the High Court. After that, multiple levels of corruption were exposed in the investigation process. Later, the people of the state are now looking at how far the water of this recruitment scam is going to rise in the state.

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