The business is sitting in the lockdown, the youth of Jalpaiguri won 1 crore in the lottery by luck! Make your dreams come true –

Business was disrupted in the lockdown. After that, he could not turn around even after trying a thousand times. In such a situation, the businessman cut a lottery ticket. Kranti resident Rana Das became a millionaire on that ticket. The traders are residents of Chengmari Kadmatla in Kranti block of Rana Jalpaiguri.

It is known that on Wednesday night, he bought 100 series lottery tickets for 600 rupees. The game was at 8:00 PM. Rana became a millionaire on that ticket. At first, Rana was overjoyed to win the lottery. He then contacted the Kranti police outpost for security. Then he deposited that ticket at the Kranti outpost.

Runner has a furniture store. During the Corona lockdown, Rana’s business came to a standstill. After that, he could not turn around despite trying a lot. Rana said, “A lot of money was needed to turn around from this situation. I was in trouble because I didn’t have money. Now I have started to dream again.”

The family naturally breathed a sigh of relief on the news of Rana winning the lottery. After receiving this news, there was a stir in his area. Everyone wants to see Rana in front of their eyes. A person in Malhati division of Rajadanga village panchayat area won Rs 1 crore in lottery 2 months ago. In the same area, two people got crores of rupees in the lottery.

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