The family ran the household by selling vegetables, the young man who became a millionaire overnight by cutting the lottery –

A young man became a millionaire by buying lottery tickets overnight. Not that he didn’t win lottery tickets before, but Bhagyadevi was not very happy with him, so sometimes he won six hundred rupees and sometimes he won two hundred rupees. Saddam Hussain lives in Shanpukur area of ​​Bhangar. He earns his living by selling vegetables.

The responsibility of everyone in the world is on his shoulders. His family is full of father, mother, sister, wife, children. And to meet the expenses of this huge family, he sometimes bought lottery tickets. The family was no longer able to survive by trading vegetables or driving a car, so sometimes there was scarcity. And then he had to look for news of another job.

Like other times he thought that let’s try our luck and get some money. With that in mind, he bought a lottery ticket from a lottery shop on his way home from Kashipur market on Wednesday. He never thought that Bhagyadevi would bless him like this. Today i.e. Thursday morning when he was checking the lottery numbers he saw that he had won crores of rupees.

He was overjoyed to hear this news. The people of the village rushed to his house. Saddam could never have imagined that he would win the multi-crore lottery. When he was asked what he would do with this money? He said that he thought of doing business with this money, and that he had an unmarried sister at home, who would marry him.

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