The first ‘fake’ teacher arrested in the state! One month’s salary must be returned! –

Recruitment corruption scandal state! One after another, illegal teachers are being terminated from their jobs as per the orders of the court. Meanwhile, a ‘fake’ teacher of Malda was arrested on the charge of fake appointment letter. Although fake teachers have been fired for a long time, this is the first time that they have been arrested. The arrested teacher’s name is Mohammad Mohsin. Maldar Harishchandrapur Police Station arrested him on the order of the High Court. His salary was stopped in 2019. Challenging this order, he went to the High Court. After that, he was informed by the primary education council that his employment letter was actually fake!

Corruption in the recruitment of teachers has spread throughout the state. Hot political situation too. A fake teacher of Malda was arrested on this day. The accused’s name is Mohammad Mohsin. He joined Kumedpur Betahar High School as a teacher in 2017. He also worked there for seven months. During the document examination that year, it is known that he is working on a fake employment letter! It was then that the Parliament ordered the suspension of his salary.

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Then in 2019, he approached the High Court challenging the salary freeze order. In the case, the primary education council informed that his appointment letter is fake. After that, the court ordered the arrest of Mohammad Mohsin.

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In this context, the accused claimed that he collected illegal appointment letters by paying money to a local leader. On this day, the police of Harishchandrapur police station arrested the accused teacher from his house on the orders of the court. Incidentally, Mohsin received a month’s salary while employed. According to the order of the court, he should immediately return that salary.

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