The first five women in Primary Tate! See who is the best of the best –

: After 2 months, West Bengal Board of Primary Education released the result of Primary TET on Friday. Last year on December 11, the primary TET exam was held. According to the board, Ina Singh of Bardhaman is the best of the best at this year’s Tate. He won the first place. Besides, the first five recipients at Tate are women candidates.

Board president Gautam Pal held a press conference and officially announced the exam results. Said, “Tate was on December 11. Tate result declared within 2 months. 6 lakh 90 thousand 932 people registered. About 6 lakh 20 thousand people took the exam on December 11. 1 lakh 50 thousand 491 passed. 24.31 in terms of percentage. 69 thousand 408 women have passed. 46.121 percent. 81 thousand 77 men have passed. 53.87 percent. 6 others passed. There are 177 people between 1 and 10.”

Council President said that the first place holder Ina Singh got 133 marks in the exam out of 150 marks. There are four people in second place in Tate. The marks obtained by each of them is 132. They are Mounisa Kundu of Hooghly, Meghna Chakraborty of West Midnipur, Deepika Roy of the same district and Aditi Majumdar of East Burdwan.

Besides, four others came third. They got 131 marks in the exam of 150 marks. They are Mehdi Hasan, Vikas Bhakta, Manami Adhikari and Prahlad Mondal. After the results came out on Friday, it was seen that 177 people are in the first 10 places. The number of women among them is noticeable. Candidates can check the result on the website from 3 pm on this day itself. The result with OMR barcode number will be available on the website.

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On the one hand, the issue of ‘Recruitment Scam’ in Dhundhumar state. Ex-Minister of Education, Ex-Board President and many important personalities are in jail. Investigation is going on. The TET exam was held in December amid many arguments and complaints. Within two months of that, all the candidates are happy to announce the result of preliminary TET today.

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