The High Court is strict about the transfer of teachers! The judge gave important instructions –

The High Court has taken a strict decision regarding the transfer of teachers in the state. Today, during the hearing of a case related to teacher transfer, High Court judge Biswajit Basu ordered that guidelines regarding ‘administrative transfer’ will be followed in the case of teacher transfer. By which the education department can transfer any teacher to any place as per need.

Currently, teachers of the state can apply for transfer through a portal called ‘Utsashree’. However, in most cases, it can be observed that the teachers want transfer to Kolkata and suburbs. As a result, there is a dire shortage of teachers in rural schools. Which has an impact on the students as well. Justice Bose gave an important order to remedy this situation.

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He said that from now on, the education department can transfer any teacher to any place as needed. That is, if there is a shortage of teachers in any school, the education department will decide to transfer them there. And the teachers have to observe it within seven days of receiving the instruction of the education department.

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Many schools in the state are currently facing shortage of teachers. There is also a shortage in reading. However, this time it has been decided to take legal action on the matter. According to Justice Biswajit Bose’s order, the state education department will be able to transfer teachers as per the need. And if the instructions of the education department are not obeyed, action will be taken against the concerned teachers.

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