The price of milk has increased again, from today you have to pay so much money! Hands on the head middle class –

Bad news for common people. Prices of daily necessities have already increased. As a result, people have suffered a lot. The price of milk is going to increase again. The new prices are going to be effective from today. Amul is going to increase the price of their milk by Rs 3 per litre.

From now on, the price of half a liter of Amul Doodh (Milk price hike) is going to be Tk 27. The price of one liter of milk will increase by 54 taka. At the same time, the price of two liters of fresh milk will be Tk 108. Besides, the price of a 6 liter packet of milk has increased to Tk 324. The price of a 180 ml packet of Amul fresh milk will be Tk 10. The price of one liter of Amul Gold Milk is going to be Rs.66. Besides, 6 liters of Amul Gold Milk will be priced at Tk 396.

The brand of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation is Amul. They have increased the price of milk by Rs 2 per liter in every market of the country except Gujarat. The organization’s managing director Joyen Mehta said that this increase in milk prices will not be effective in Gujarat. This price will be applicable for other markets in the country including Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi.

It may be noted that earlier in October 2022, Amul had increased the price of their milk by Tk 2 per liter. According to the organization, this decision has been taken due to the increase in the total cost of milk production. At the same time, in December, Mother Dairy also increased the price of milk by Rs 2 per liter in Delhi-NCR.

Incidentally, the price of milk has increased by Tk 12 per liter in the last 10 months. Before that, the price of milk was not increased for about 7 years. In April 2013 and May 2014, the price was increased by 8 rupees per liter. But then it was the same price for seven years. According to experts, milk production decreases during summer. As a result, producers have to pay more to cattle herders. As a result, the price of milk may increase in the coming days. Such experts.

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