The price per kg is 500 rupees! You can easily earn big by cultivating black turmeric –

: At present, many people are attracted to various modern farming in keeping with the times. Through which the big earnings are also made. In this case, today in this report we will tell you about a farming that you can start and become a millionaire. Basically, today we will present the topic of Black Turmeric cultivation.

Black turmeric is a medicinal plant. Naturally, it is very beneficial for health. This turmeric works as a remedy for fever, pneumonia, leucoderma, cough, migraine and asthma. Apart from this, this turmeric is also used in various cosmetics. Most notably, black turmeric cultivation is also quite profitable as compared to normal turmeric.

Black Yellow: Black turmeric is a different species of turmeric. The height of this turmeric plant is between 30 and 60 cm. That is, the trees do not grow very large. Besides, this yellow tree is mainly found in Central India and South India. Note that the scientific name of black turmeric is Curcuma caesia.

Cultivation of Black Turmeric: For black turmeric cultivation, tubers or seedlings are planted in normal fertile soil. After that, the land has to be cleared at regular intervals. Black yellow plants are ready to harvest about 250 days after planting the tubers. After the harvest is ready, the tubers are removed and cleaned. Then the black turmeric powder should be dried well in the sun. After all the process they are sent to the market for sale.

What is required for black turmeric cultivation: During the cultivation of black turmeric, care should be taken that the land does not get waterlogged. Basically, this cultivation does not require much water. So, focus on irrigation as needed. Also, since black turmeric is also used as medicine, it is better not to use pesticides in this cultivation. June is considered suitable for this cultivation.

This cultivation will benefit from: Black turmeric is in high demand in the market nowadays. There are two major reasons for this. First, very few people practice this cultivation. Secondly, black turmeric is full of medicinal properties. Hence, many people use black turmeric because of its benefits. According to statistics, about 12 to 15 quintals of black turmeric is obtained from one acre of land through this cultivation. In this case, this turmeric is sold up to Rs 500 per kg. In this case, farmers can easily earn millions of rupees through this cultivation.

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