These are the 5 easy ways to increase the milk of animals. How to increase milk of Buffalo/cow –

How to increase milk of Buffalo/cow: India is a leading country in milk production, yet it lags far behind in terms of productivity per animal. Cattle rearers are always worried due to less milk given by cows and buffaloes. For more milk production, cattle rearers start using needles to increase milk. Due to which the health of animals also deteriorates. If proper care and feeding of animals is taken care of, then milk can be increased.

So come on The Rural India in this article of 5 easy ways to increase milk of cow and buffalo (5 easy ways to increase milk of cow, buffalo).

  1. Animals must be given 100 ml Utrawin for 10 days from the day of delivery. So that the animal can put the whole jar and the uterus can be cleaned properly. From this day, feed Enboost powder 100 grams twice a day for one week. Milk will start increasing due to this.

  2. Give Minfluk-DS bolus or Minworm 90 ml seven days after delivery. It will kill the worms in the stomach of the animal. Give Enerboost Powder 100 grams daily for 21 days. This will also increase the milk of the animal.

  3. When one month is left for the delivery of the animal, it should be given 10 ml. Drink Adar-H daily for 25 days. So that if there is any disorder in his ohandi, it will be cured. If there is no vice, it will become a very good vessel. When about 15 days are left for the delivery of the animal, then it must be fed 100 grams of Enboost powder daily. This will lead to the development of the child of the animal. Apart from this, you will get enough energy to give more milk in the next birth.

  4. Feed Biobion-Gold Powder 50 grams daily from one month after delivery. With this the animal will maintain the highest level of milk and will be able to conceive on time.

  5. From 11th day of parturition feed Dizamax Forte Bolus 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening and Simlej Bolus once in the morning and evening in this way for 10 days. Due to this the milk of the animal will increase. If you follow these methods properly, then the milk of your animal will definitely increase.

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