This is the most expensive dog in the country! You will be surprised to know its specialty –

: There are many people around us who keep different pets at home. The list of pets includes all kinds of animals. However, in our country, most people usually choose animals like dogs, cats or rabbits as pets. In this case, today in the present report we will tell you about such a pet that after knowing about it, everyone’s eyes will be filled with tears.

Not only that, a person from Bengaluru has already come up in the headlines in view of this incident. It is known that a few days ago he bought a dog by spending around twenty crore rupees. In this case, the lifestyle of the dog is so luxurious that the daily expenses for its care can pay one’s salary.

That dog’s name is Cadabams Haider: According to the information received in this context, it is known that the name of the person living in Bangalore is S Satish. According to media reports, Sathish’s dog is named Cadabams Hyder. It is about a year and a half old. Basically, the dog is a rare Caucasian Shepherd breed. Besides, it is also known that Satish is a dog breeder. Besides, he has a kennel in Bangalore. In this situation, he bought the dog from a breeder in Hyderabad.

Proposal to pay Rs.20 crores: This dog has multiple specialties. Not only this, the dog has already participated in multiple dog shows. Notably, he also won multiple medals in those competitions. Recently, a businessman from Hyderabad offered Satish 20 crore rupees to buy this dog. However, Satish didn’t sell it.

Two to three thousand rupees are spent daily: According to a media report, Satish spends two to three thousand rupees daily on this dog. Besides, AC cars are also available for dog travel. In this case, this dog is considered to be the most expensive dog in India. Extremely friendly, this dog is very intelligent. Besides, they are also used for guarding.

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