This time, RBI imposed restrictions on this big bank! Transaction closed, do you have an account? –

: Reserve Bank of India has taken a big decision again. According to the information received, it is known that the central bank has imposed restrictions on a large bank this time. Even so, the effects of the restrictions are beginning to take effect quickly. In this case, if you use things like current payment apps and investment mobile apps, you need to pay attention immediately.

Basically, RBI has banned SBM Bank from making Outward Remittance and it has been implemented quickly. In such a situation, the order issued on Monday, imposed an immediate ban on outward remittance of banks, stating that they cannot transfer Indian money abroad.

These mobile apps will be affected: Meanwhile, several mobile apps will be directly affected after this strict action by the Reserve Bank of India. Basically, platforms used for trading in foreign stock markets such as INDMONEY, Zolve, Vested, IND money, Instarem, HOPREmit-Money, BookMyForex, Airpay have been affected. Not only that, problems will also start in foreign transactions. In this case, the mobile apps that used to transfer money through Outward Remittance through this bank’s partnership have also been affected.

They will not be affected by: In this context, if you have opened an account with SBM BANK and deposited any type of fixed deposit in the bank, it will be completely safe. That is, there will be no thought of risk. Basically, this bank is also registered with the Reserve Bank of India and like other banks, you will be safe with up to Rs 5 lakh.

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