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tetasol liquid spray kit: domesticated animals nail disease remain very troubled by The effect of this disease is on milk production. Due to which the farmers suffer a lot. This disease occurs in animals when dung is applied to the udder, mud, injury to udder and urine infection. Along with this, this disease also occurs due to not cleaning the animal pen regularly or not having cleanliness at the time of milking.

Let me tell you, when there is high humidity in the weather or it is rainy season, then tonella disease The probability of occurrence increases.

So come on The Rural India of this Animal Husbandry Blog Learn in- Symptoms and remedies of Thanela disease in animals

Symptoms of Tonella Disease

  • The udder of the animal becomes swollen.

  • The udder earrings get hot.

  • The color of the udder becomes light red.

  • When the infection of Thanela disease increases, the way of extracting milk becomes very fine.

  • Milk comes gushing.

Diagnosis of tonsil disease

  • You can use Titasul Liquid Spray Kit.

  • This pack comes with 30ml spray bottle of Titasoul No.1 and Titasoul No.2.

  • Which has to be given to the patient animals in the morning and evening according to the instructions given or use the medicine according to the vet.

Benefits of Titasoul Liquid Spray Kit (Benefits of Tetasol Liquid Spray Kit

  • Titasoul Liquid Spray Kit regulates milk secretion from the mammary glands.

  • If the swelling of the teats becomes chronic, then Titasol removes the hardness of the teats and makes the milk glands functional.

  • Titasoul Liquid Spray Kit Spray gives better relief than antibiotic, injection and medicines in udder swelling and udder disease.

  • Titasule Liquid Spray Kit provides relief even when antibiotics don’t work.

  • Cures the hardness of the teats and the stretch in the teats etc.

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