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Tomato farming in hindi: in our country during inflation There is a lot of politics on tomatoes. Tomato is such a vegetable whose demand remains throughout the year. Tomato The prices start touching the common. for farmers tomato farmingtomato farm Very beneficial. at a time when the country Tomato (tomatoes) If the demand is very high, farmers can earn good profits by cultivating it.

Tomato (tomatoes) Worldwide potato It is the second most important crop after It can be eaten raw and cooked like a fruit. Vitamin C, mineral salts and enzymes are found in abundance in tomatoes. Tomato is also used to make juice, soup, powder and ketchup.

In such a situation, if you want to cultivate it inside the boundary wall of your farm or house, then we tomato farmingtomato farm Have brought important information. In this article you will find easy language information on the question of how to grow tomatoes.

In this article you will know.

  • tomato growing climate

  • soil useful for farming

  • right time for cultivation

  • How to prepare for farming

  • Tomato Varieties

  • Irrigation and Fertilizer Management

  • Disease and Pest Management

  • Cost and earning in tomato cultivation

so let’s first Tomato Farming Know about the climate necessary for

tomato growing climate

Tomato (tomatoes) It is a plant of temperate climate. It requires 50-60 cm of annual rainfall. Temperature plays an important role in tomato yield. tomato farmingtomato farm 20 to 25 degree centigrade temperature is good for it. On the other hand, due to high temperature, flowers and unripe fruits start breaking and falling. However, when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees, the germination of tomatoes is greatly reduced.

soil for tomato cultivation

tomato crop For black loam soil, sandy loam soil and red loam soil are considered better. In this type of soil, you can successfully grow tomatoes. even in light soil tomato farming It is good pH value of soil for good yield of tomato 7 to 8.5 Should be between Because it has the ability to tolerate medium acidic and saline soil. Tomato Farming Cultivate it in well-drained soil, otherwise tomato plants may have rotting and root rot problems.

right time for tomato cultivation

Tomato Farming It happens throughout the year in India. In the northern states of the country, tomato seedlings are sown in spring during the end of November and planted in the field in the second fortnight of January. In other places tomato is planted in July-August and planted in the field in August-September. On the other hand, in hilly areas, it is planted in March-April and planted in the field in May.

How To Prepare Farming For Tomatoes

  • Before tomato cultivation, prepare the field well by plowing it 3-4 times.

  • Do the first plowing in the month of July with a soil turning plough.

  • After plowing the field, spread well rotten cow dung manure at the rate of 250 to 300 quintals per hectare and plow it again and remove the weeds completely.

  • After this, transplant the tomato seedlings taking a distance of 60-45 cm.

Let us tell you that before planting in the field, tomato plants are prepared in the nursery. For this, the nursery should be made 90 to 100 cm wide and 10 to 15 cm raised. Because of this, water does not stop in the nursery. At the same time, weeding of tomato plants is also done well. After sowing tomato seeds, do light irrigation.

Tomato Varieties

Tomato (tomatoes) Pusa Sheetal, Pusa-120, Pusa Ruby, Pusa Gaurav, Arka Vikas, Arka Saurabh and Sonali are considered to be the main indigenous varieties. On the other hand, Pusa Hybrid-1, Pusa Hybrid-2, Pusa Hybrid-4, Rashmi and Avinash-2 are considered to be the main hybrid varieties of tomato. However, let us tell you that most of the farmers cultivating tomatoes in India cultivate a lot of Arka Rakshak variety of tomatoes. The main reason for this is that this variety gives bumper yields. Apart from this, it has more resistance to major tomato diseases than other tomato varieties.

Irrigation and Fertilizer Management in Tomato Crop

  • There should be sufficient amount of moisture in the tomato field.
  • For this you use drip irrigation.
  • Make sure to treat the seeds before planting tomato seeds.
  • For good yield of tomato, keep hoeing it from time to time.
  • At the same time, test the soil before using fertilizers.
  • If soil test is not possible due to any reason, then apply Urea, 80 kg Phosphorus and 60 kg Potash per 100 kg hectare.
  • Make a mixture of one-third full quantity of Urea, Phosphorus and Potash and mix it well by scattering it in the soil before transplanting.
  • Divide the remaining urea in two equal parts and mix it in the soil after 25 to 30 and 45 to 50 days of transplanting as top dressing.
  • When flowers and fruits start coming, in that case 0.4-0.5 percent urea solution can be sprayed.
  • At the time of transplanting, 20-25 kg of Borax per hectare should be mixed in the soil.
  • To improve the quality of fruits, spray 0.3% borax solution 3-4 times at the time of fruit set.

Tomato farming cost and earning

Tomato (tomatoes) Talking about the production of tomato, the average yield of tomato in a well prepared field is 350 to 480 quintals/hectare and the yield of hybrid varieties of tomato goes up to 700-800 quintals/hectare. 20000 rupees per acre can be incurred and on going to the market, the total price of the produce can be found at a price of about 60 thousand rupees.

Tomato It is a fruit that is used in many types of chutneys, ketchups, pickles and flavorings. Due to which its demand is in demand in food processing companies. You can sell your crops directly to these companies.

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