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top 10 agricultural countries: Many countries in the world are still at the forefront of agricultural production. Many countries including India come under the category of agricultural countries. Agriculture Primary source of employment, income and food. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, the share of agricultural population is 67% of the total population. Agriculture works on about 11% of the world’s land.

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Top 10 Agricultural Producing Countries in the World

1. China

China 7% is cultivable land. This supplies food for 22% of the world’s population. China is the largest paddy producing country in the world. Apart from this, soybean, jowar wheat, millet and maize are cultivated in China.

2. United States of America

United States of america Known for his agricultural science. All countries consider the United States of America ideal for agriculture. USA is the best country in agricultural technology. The major crops of the United States are sugarcane, potatoes, coffee, sugar beets, and bananas.

3. Brazil

Brazil One of the leading agricultural countries. About 41% of the total land in Brazil is cultivated. Brazil has 2.1 billion acres of land and about 867.4 million acres of land is cultivable for agriculture. The country cultivates sweet potatoes, corn, peanuts, tobacco, and many other crops. Brazil is the second largest producer of soybeans in the world. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of coffee, beef, ethanol and soybeans.

4. India

India Agriculture provides about 58% livelihood to Indians. according to statistics agriculture It is the primary source of income for half the population. Indian is the largest producer of most fruits in the world. Which includes vegetables including banana, guava, mango, lemon, papaya and peas. India also produces spices including ginger, black pepper and chili. India ranks first in milk production, second in dry fruits, third in fish production, fourth in eggs and fifth in poultry production in the world.

5. Russia

Russia 13% of agricultural land is for the production of sugar beet, wheat and potatoes. The main crops of Russia are rye, barley and maize. With this, the Russian agricultural industry provides 16% of the employment opportunities to the general population. More than 23 million hectares of land are cultivated in Russia. Wheat is the most important food crop throughout Russia.

6. France

France About 7% of the population earns from the agriculture sector. France is the largest producer of oilseeds, cereals, sugar beets, milk, wine and beef.

7. Mexico

Mexico Agriculture has historically been important to the country’s economy. The important crops of Mexico are wheat, sugarcane, peppers, corn, bananas, blue agave, avocados, beans, and other fruits. Agriculture is practiced on about 15% of the land in Mexico. Mexico is the leading country in terms of livestock. That includes poultry, eggs, beef and milk.

8. Japan

Japan Agriculture contributes only 2% to the GDP. Which includes grains, fish, vegetables, mountain plants and other vegetables. Japan has a large population. The average area of ‚Äč‚Äčagricultural land is only 1.2 hectares (3 acres).

9. Germany

Germany Major agricultural foods include pork, poultry, potatoes, milk, cereals, beef, sugar beets, cabbage, barley, and wheat. Vegetables, fruits and wine are produced in most of the region. Agriculture is done on about 80% of the country’s land. About 10% of Germans adopt organic farming.

10. Turkey

agriculture It is the primary occupation of the population of Turkey. Cultivated in all regions of Turkey. Poultry farming is done on a large scale in the hilly areas. About 19.2% of the total employment in Turkey was provided by the agriculture sector in 2018. Turkey is the largest producer of apricots, figs, and raisins. Turkey is the fourth largest producer of grapes and vegetables. Turkey is the sixth largest tobacco producing country.

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