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Top 10 Agriculture States in India: in India agro industry is progressing at a rapid pace. About 58% of the population in our country Agriculture resting on. This is such a sector that even in the Corona period Indian economy strengthened the There are many states in India which are known for the highest production in the world.

India one developing countries Still of developing India Agriculture continues to develop rapidly. The pattern of production and consumption is changing in our country. India is witnessing increase in population, increase in income, rural/urban migration and also increase in rural per capita productivity. This is the reason that the demand for food in the country also increased.

According to government data, India’s per capita population in the coming 20 years Gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated to increase by 320 percent. In such a situation, many states of India are also continuously performing well in agricultural production. Keeping this in view, in this article we Top 10 Agriculture States in India A list has been prepared.

So come on The Rural India in this article of Top 10 Agriculture States in India know who

1. West Bengal

West Bengal is the largest food grain producing state of India. in rice production West Bengal are at the forefront. After this comes Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, the state is also famous for jute, sesame, tobacco and tea. tell you, West Bengal The productivity of rice is 2600 kg per hectare. About 146.05 lakh tonnes of rice is produced here every year. West Bengal is also the leading state in fruit production. Many fruits are produced here including mango, litchi, pineapple, guava and orange.

Apart from this, cauliflower, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, okra and brinjal are cultivated in vegetables here. Let us tell you, rice, jute and wheat are the main crops grown in West Bengal. In spices, West Bengal is also the leading state in the production of chilli, ginger, garlic, coriander and turmeric.

2. Uttar Pradesh

most populous state Uttar Pradesh Agriculture is also at the forefront of production. Millets, rice, sugarcane, food grains, and many other crops are cultivated here. Wheat Uttar Pradesh in production first place is on After this comes the place of Haryana, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh produces 22.5 million tonnes of wheat annually. The climate here is most suitable for growing wheat. Wheat is cultivated on 96 lakh hectares of land in Uttar Pradesh.

Other than this Uttar Pradesh It also ranks first in sugarcane production. Here sugarcane is the most produced crop in the world. Here 145.39 million tonnes of sugarcane is produced annually.

3. Punjab

Punjab is the most fertile state in our country. The climate here is quite favorable for wheat, sugarcane, rice, vegetables and fruits. Punjab to in india bread basket It is called About 93% of the land is cultivated here. Wheat and paddy are cultivated in most areas of Punjab.

tell you, Punjab The state is the third largest agricultural crop producer in India. The irrigation system here is very advanced.

4. Gujarat

Gujarat is the fastest growing agricultural state in India. There has been a lot of investment in Gujarat in the fields of agriculture, energy and industry. Cotton, groundnut, castor, millet, pigeon pea, gram, sesame, paddy, maize and sugarcane are produced in Gujarat. Apart from this, cotton is also produced on a large scale. Gujarat is the leading state in groundnut production.

5. Haryana

Haryana is an agricultural state. Haryana About 70% of the people are engaged in agriculture. India’s green Revolution Haryana has an important role in this. Haryana has a vast irrigation system. Major crops of Haryana are sugarcane, paddy, wheat and sunflower. Haryana is the second largest producer of sunflower. Haryana is also ahead in animal husbandry. Haryana comes under the top agricultural states of India.

6. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Known for the production of pulses. Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh come next in pulses production. This state is the leading state in soybean and garlic production. Wheat, pulses and maize are the main sources of income of farmers in Madhya Pradesh. Major crops here are Urad, Soybean and Arhar.

Madhya Pradesh It is a state with a large area. The climate and soil here are quite favorable for various crops. The agriculture sector of Madhya Pradesh is the backbone of the Indian economy. 65% of the population here is engaged in agriculture.

7. Assam

Assam is an agriculture based state. compared to other states Assam Occurs in less developed states. 70% of the population here is dependent on agriculture. Assam is famous for tea production. It is the largest producer of tea in India, followed by Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal and other states. The most famous teas in India, Nilgiri tea, Darjeeling tea, Assam tea and Kangra tea are produced here. The state of Assam accounts for 52% of the total tea production in India.

8. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh 62% of the population is engaged in agriculture. Here more attention is paid to rice production. Major crops here are jowar, bajra, maize, ragi, tobacco, pulses, sugarcane, and other crops. Let us tell you, horticulture is done on 1.5 million hectares of land in Andhra Pradesh.

9. Karnataka

Karnataka is a state with an overall agricultural economy. Majority of the population of the state is engaged in agriculture. Karnataka The climate is quite favorable for agriculture. The major crops of Karnataka are rice, maize, moong dal, red chillies, sugarcane, groundnut, soyabean, turmeric and cotton. Apart from this, mustard, sesame, barley, wheat and peas are cultivated here. Karnataka comes under the top agricultural states in India.

Karnataka coffee production I am at the forefront. Karnataka accounts for 70% of the total production of coffee in India. About 222300 metric tonnes of coffee is produced here annually.

10. Chhattisgarh

to Chhattisgarh rice bowl It is called The main crops of Chhattisgarh are rice, millet and maize. Chhattisgarh 77 percent of the area is used for rice production. Chhattisgarh is completely dependent on rain. Here only 20% of the land comes under irrigated area. The fruits here include cashew, guava, chiku and mango cultivation it occurs. This state is also leading in spice production. Ginger, turmeric, fenugreek, coriander, chili and garlic are cultivated here.

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