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top 10 tractors in india 2023: tractor It is the most favorite agricultural machine of the farmers. In today’s time, tractor is such an agricultural machine that almost 90 percent of the farming work is done.

Many domestic and foreign companies are manufacturing tractors in India. The tractors of these companies have special features. Everyone’s identity is different in the market. In such a situation, farmers have to take care of many things while buying these tractors.

Which tractor should the farmer buy? and how to know, top 10 tractor companies in indiatop 10 tractors in India 2023, Which ones are

This is what we discuss Article Will do it, which will make it easier for farmers to buy tractors.

So come on The Rural India of this tractor junction in this series of 10 best tractors in india (top 10 tractors in india) To Learn.

In this article you will learn

  • Top 10 Best Tractors in India – 2023

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  • India’s most famous tractor

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  • Which is the best selling tractor

  • most mileage efficient tractor

Top 10 Tractors in India

1. Mahindra Tractor Company (Mahindra & Mahindra)

2. TAFE Tractors

3. Sonalika tractors (Sonalika international tractors limited)

4. Escorts Ltd Company (Escorts)

5. John Deere tractors

6. New Holland tractors

7. Kubota tractors

8. Indo Farm Tractor

9. Preet Tractor

10. Captain Tractors

come on now Top 10 Tractors in India 2023 know in detail.

Mahindra Tractor Company (Mahindra & Mahindra)

Mahindra Tractor Company (Mahindra & Mahindra)

First of all, let’s talk about the best tractor company of the country, which is not only the best in name but also the most popular among the farmers. Mahindra Company’s tractor is the first choice of every farmer. Mahindra Company is the number 1 tractor manufacturer selling its tractors across the country as well as across the globe. This company is known not only in the country but also as the largest tractor company in the world. Along with this, its name is also registered in the world’s 10 best companies.

What is special in Mahindra tractor?

First and foremost, the Mahindra company always innovates with new technology features. Talking about new technology and features, there is no other match between Arjun Novo and XP Plus models. Keeping in mind the choice of the driver, it is offered with Power Steering, AC Cabin with comfortable seats. The most amazing thing is that Mahindra is the only company in the country which has given 6 years warranty on its tractors, although after this many other companies have started following this. Mahindra company takes utmost care of the farmers during its every change and update.

mahindra tractor price

  • Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus – 50 HP – 6.90-7.20 Lakh

  • Mahindra 475 DI XP Plus – 44 HP – 5.80-6.10 Lakh

  • Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus – 47 HP- 5.70-6.25 Lakh

  • Mahindra 275 DI XP Plus- 37hp- 5.20-5.35 Lakh

  • Mahindra 265 DI- 30 HP- 4.70- 4.90 Lakh

Most Popular Tractors of Mahindra

  • Mahindra 275 di xp plus (Mahindra 275 di xp plus)

  • Mahindra 575 xp plus

  • Mahindra 585 xp plus

  • Mahindra 265 DI (Mahindra 265 di)

  • Mahindra 475 XP Plus (Mahindra 475 xp plus)

TAFE Tractors (TAFE tractors)

TAFE Tractors (TAFE tractors)

After this let’s talk about TAFE tractors. Let us tell you that 4 big and famous companies come under TAFE. Prominent among these are Massey Ferguson, Eicher, IMT Tractors and TAFE Tractors.

Due to these leading companies, TAFE has got the second rank in the list of 10 Famous Tractor Brands of India. Talking about the choice of farmers, Eicher and Massey Ferguson are the first choice.

TAFE Tractors Price

  • Eicher 241- 25HP- Rs. 7.50-7.80 Lacs

  • Eicher 485- 45HP- Rs. 6.10-6.20 Lacs

  • Eicher 380- 40HP – Rs. 5.25-5.35 Lacs

  • Eicher 242- 28HP- Rs. 3.40-3.50 Lacs

TAFE Tractors Most Wished For Tractors

  • Eicher 241

  • Eicher 242

  • Eicher 380

  • Eicher 485

Sonalika Tractors

Sonalika tractors (Sonalika international tractors limited)

Every farmer says about Sonalika Tractors Company that this company works on their thinking. That is, before giving a look and identity to every new tractor, he first takes care of both the farmer’s work, price and comfort.

The special thing is that in Sonalika tractors, tractors ranging from 20HP to 90HP will be available anywhere in the agricultural markets of any state at a reasonable price.

sonalika tractors price

  • Sonalika DI 740 III S3- 45HP- Rs. 5.35-5.65 Lacs

  • Sonalika 60- 60 HP- Rs. 5.80-6.45 Lacs

  • Sonalika 35 DI- 39HP – Rs. 5.15-5.45 Lacs

  • Sonalika DI 745 III- 50HP- Rs. 5.40- 5.65 Lacs

  • Sonalika DI 750 III- 50HP- Rs. 6.15-6.30 Lakhs

Most Preferred Popular Tractors of Sonalika Tractors

  • Sonalika DI 35(Sonalika di 35)

  • Sonalika 750(Sonalika 750)

  • Sonalika 745(Sonalika 745)

  • Sonalika 740(Sonalika 740)

  • Sonalika 60

Escorts Tractors

Escorts Ltd company (Escorts Tractors)

Escorts Tractors Company not only manufactures tractors but also manufactures other machines and equipment used by farmers in farming. Let us tell you that Escorts company is very famous in the country as well as all over the world and they have more than 40 branches. Let us tell you, many tractors ranging from 15 to 80 hp are available according to the choice of the farmers.

Escorts Tractors Price

  • Powertrac Euro 60- 60 HP- Rs. 7.40-8.20 Lacs

  • Power Trac Euro 50- 50HP- Rs. 6.35-6.65 Lacs

  • Powertrac 445 Plus- 47HP- Rs. 6.25-6.40 Lacs

  • Powertrac 434 Plus- 37HP- Rs. 5.20-5.50 Lacs

  • Powertrac 439 Plus- 41HP- Rs. 5.20-5.50 Lacs

John Deere Tractors

John Deere tractors

John Deere tractors are very popular for fulfilling the expectation of the farmers with low prices. Talking about its quality, this company is known for its strong work. Let us tell you that the John Deere 6120 B tractor is one of the most powerful tractors in the country. The special thing is that it has 120HP and 4 cylinder turbo charged high pressure engine.

john deere tractors price

  • John Deere 5405- 63HP- Rs. 8.60-9.20 Lacs

  • John Deere 5310- 55HP- Rs. 7.89-8.50 Lacs

  • John Deere 5050D- 50HP- Rs. 6.90-7.40 Lacs

  • John Deere 5105- 40HP- Rs. 5.55-5.75 Lacs

New Holland Tractors

New Holland tractors

The tractors of the New Holland company are known as all-rounders. Farmers have only one opinion regarding this, one price and many works…

Works on new technology in New Holland Tractors. Its special thing is that it gives 6 years warranty on all its tractors just like Mahindra. Also, the tractor price of this company is less as compared to others and the product is very genuine.

new holland company tractors price

  • New Holland Excel 6010- 60HP-Rs. 8.00-8.95 Lacs

  • New Holland 3630 TX Plus- 55HP- Rs. 7.10-7.60 Lacs

  • New Holland 3600 2TX- 50HP- Rs. 6.90-7.15 Lacs

  • New Holland 4710 4WD- 47HP- Rs. 6.50-7.70 Lacs

kubota tractors

Kubota tractors

Kubota company is popular among farmers for tractors as well as agricultural implements. Its identity has always been about the best tractors and best machines. Along with this, it is also very popular in terms of price.

kubota tractors price

  • Kubota MU5501 4WD- 55HP- Rs. 10.46 Lacs

  • Kubota MU4501 4WD- 45HP- Rs. 8.40 Lakhs

  • Kubota Neostar B2441 4WD- 24HP-Rs. 5.15 Lacs

indo farm tractor

Indo Farm Tractor

It is noteworthy that Indo Farm started commercial production in October 2000. In the same year, he started production of Indo Farm tractors for the first time at the plant located at Baddi in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. The special thing is that in a very short time, Indo Farm Tractor Company has completely made the customers their fans with their work, prices and products. Let us inform that tractors ranging from 26HP to 90HP are available in this.

Indo Farm tractors price

  • Indo Farm 4175 DI- 75HP- Rs. 12.20-12.35 Lacs

  • Indo Farm 3055 NV- 55HP-Rs. 8.35-8.45 Lacs

  • Indo Farm 2035 DI- 38HP- Rs. 5.00-5.25 Lacs

  • Indo Farm 2030 DI- 34HP- Rs. 4.65-5.20 Lacs

PREET Tractor

Preet Tractor

Preet Tractor Company is well known for its products and quality. There are tractors ranging from 25HP to 100 HP. The special thing is that the engines of the tractors of this company are very powerful. Along with this, its tires are also very durable.

Preet tractor price

  • Preet 9049 AC 4WD- 90HP- Rs. 20.25-22.20 Lacs

  • Preet 9049- 90HP- Rs. 15.55-16.25 Lacs

  • Preet 4049 4WD- 40HP- Rs. 4.75-5.15 Lacs

  • Preet 6049- 60HP- Rs. 6.20-6.65 Lacs

Captain Tractors

Captain Tractors

Let us tell you, Captain Tractors company made in India is best known for low budget. It is exported not only to the country but also to foreign countries. It also earns good profit by exporting its agricultural equipments to foreign countries. Please tell that this company was earlier known as Asha Exim Private Limited. It was started by two brothers. Tractors from 15HP to 26HP are available in this.

Captain Tractors Price

  • Captain 250 DI- 25HP- Rs. 4.55-4.85 Lakhs

  • Captain 273 DI- 27HP- Rs. 4.85-4.90 Lacs

  • Captain 280 DI- 28HP-Rs. 4.70-4.95 Lacs

  • Captain 200 DI 4Wd- 20HP-Rs. 3.75-3.95 Lakhs

*Note- The data and information given in the article is based on the data of the year 2022 February. Along with this, the given price of tractors may vary slightly from state to state. for more details Nearest Tractor Dealer Contact.

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