Top 5 Businesses Related to Animal Husbandry | Top 5 animal husbandry business in hindi –

5 animal husbandry business in hindi: To increase the income of farmers livestock Best option. Animal husbandry is still the main source of livelihood in many areas. Cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, camel, duck, chicken, quail, fish, silkworm, bee, etc. have been reared in our country for centuries.

But do you know that the most beneficial for the farmers livestock Which is it? If you don’t know

So come on The Rural India Learn in this article of- 5 profitable business related to animal husbandry5 animal husbandry business in hindi)

Top 5 Businesses Related to Animal Husbandry | Top 5 profitable animal husbandry business in hindi

1. Dairy farming

In our country for centuries for milk production rearing of cattle is done. Not only milk, good income can also be earned by preparing paneer, ghee, etc. from milk. Along with this, with the increasing trend of organic farming, the demand for cow dung has also started increasing. People associated with this business can also earn profit by selling cow dung.

Goat farming

goat farming It is a good source of increasing the income of the farmers. Goat meat is always in demand in the markets. Along with this, farmers can get huge income even by selling goat’s milk. The cost of goat maintenance is also less as compared to other animals.

3. Fish farming

Due to increasing fish consumption every day, small farmers can also earn good profits by joining this business. Fisheries To promote this, many schemes have been started by the government. Through aquaponic techniques, additional income can be easily obtained by cultivating crops along with fish farming.

4. Silkworm farming

This business is also known as Sericulture. Silkworm rearing gives more income in less time. There are many activities involved in this industry. These include planting trees for insect food, rearing insects, cleaning silk, spinning yarn, making clothes from yarn, etc. It is a good source of employment for the farmers of rural area.

5. Pearl farming

Due to the increasing price of pearls in the market these days pearl farming Attracting people’s attention. Real pearls cost in thousands. Apart from this, many decorative items and perfumes are made from oyster. Farmers can earn good money by selling oysters in the local market after extracting pearls.

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