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Trending Stocks: Stock market response to diamond company stocks. Deep Diamond India is one of the stocks that have contributed to bullish momentum in the stock market this week. The sentiment of this stock in the stock market is quite bullish. The stock has returned around 34 percent in the last one month. The company has proposed to increase the face value of these shares from Rs 10 to Rs 1.

Although the stock has given good returns in the last one month, with the opening of the stock market today, the stock is at a low margin of 5 percent. The stock also closed down 3 percent at the close on Tuesday. However, experts are bullish on the stock after seeing recent market trends.

Performance of Deep Diamond India

Deep Diamond India stock has become a multibagger stock in the last one year. This stock has given investors a whopping 842 percent return in the last one year. If the last 6 months data is also looked at, the stock has gained around 339%. On the other hand, a look at the last 5 years shows that the stock is up almost 1,000 percent. That means people who invested in this stock 5 years ago got unbelievable profit from this stock. If the last 52 week high and low values ​​are seen, the highest price is Rs.171 and the lowest price is Rs.11.

Diamond stocks are in high demand

What is the current state of the company?

If the current status of the company is to be known, then the latest quarter results of the company can be looked at. The stock made a net gain of Rs 61 lakh. Which is almost double compared to the previous year’s performance. The company’s net profit at the end of the September quarter was Tk 32 lakh. It has been reported that the company’s expenses have decreased in the December quarter.

What does the company do?

Deep Diamond India Ltd started its journey in 1993. In that judgment, the company is already on its 30-year journey. The company primarily sells 18K genuine diamond jewelry. It is said that the company has its own diamond manufacturing factory. According to the company’s website, it offers 100 percent buy back to its customers.

B. Note:This report is published for information only. Investors should invest with confidence in their own judgment and intelligence. Of course, it is recommended to consult an expert.

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