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Salt Lake turned into a battlefield in the protest of upper primary job aspirants. A large number of job seekers participated in the protest in front of Acharya Bhavan. To stop the protest, the police dragged the job seekers to the prison van! Job seekers claim, “Are we thieves! But why treat us like this”!

There is no end to corruption in the recruitment of primary, upper primary in the state. The job seekers of the state have been deprived for a long time. Demonstrations, sit-ins, agitations are going on for the demand of recruitment. Job seekers are on the road to demand fair rights. In 2016, upper primary job aspirants who were not appointed participated in long-standing sit-in protests.

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According to the sources, on this day they took the program of protest march towards Bikash Bhavan. For that purpose they gathered towards Karunamayi from sector five. Meanwhile, a large police force was ready to break the protest of job seekers. As soon as the procession of job seekers came in front of Acharya Bhavan, the police issued section 144 and blocked their way. After that, the angry job seekers sat on the street in front of Acharya Bhavan. The police tried to break the protest by force. Mic campaign started. After that, the police and the job aspirants clashed, creating chaos in the respective areas.

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When a group of job aspirants were being dragged into a prison van in a typical battlefield situation, another group sat down in protest in front of Acharya Bhavan. On this day, the protesting job seekers raised their voices against police brutality. At the same time, according to them, this movement is not to be stopped by force, this movement will continue until the fair demands are met.

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