Valentine Week: In the season of love, southern rose is the thorn of Bengal –

This time: The price goes up from 5 taka to 20-25 taka each in Valentine Week. That one week is occupied only by red roses. At least one crore roses were sold in the state in those seven days. Business volume is at least 25 crore rupees. But a large amount of this business goes into the pockets of South India. A large section of florists in the state feel that this happens because there is no specific cold storage for flowers. As the week of love approaches, the demand for red roses increases. During this time sales of mainly two types of roses began to climb. The stems of minipal roses are about 15 cm long. This type of rose is cultivated mainly in East and West Medinipur. Dutch roses from South India are also appreciated.

The stem of this coriander rose is about 35 cm long. If florists in the state had enough cold storage to store minipaul roses, perhaps there would be no need to import southern roses. But the florists of the state have been suffering from cold storage problem for several years. Narayanchandra Nayak, general secretary of Sara Bangla Floriculture Association, said, ‘There is no shortage of multipurpose cold storage in our state. But there is no freezer dedicated only to flowers. In 2004, one such ice house was constructed in Panshkura. But now it doesn’t work anymore. Parts have been stolen during the Corona lockdown. There is no place to store the resulting flowers.’

This is why the florists of the state are forced to import flowers from abroad as Valentine’s Day approaches. Narayanchandra Nayak says, ‘minipal roses are usually priced around five rupees. This time its price increased to 15-20 taka. But Dutch roses are mainly imported from Bangalore. It costs a lot more – about 25 rupees.’ Due to the lack of suitable storage facilities for cultivated edible flowers, florists are forced to import flowers to meet the ever-increasing demand.

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