Vande Bharat Express: Vande Bharat Express will depart from Howrah on a new route! The stopover will be at Tatanagar –

Vande Bharat Express: Another strong speculation about Bande Bharat Express. According to sources, another Bande Bharat Express train may depart from Howrah. At present, it is known that all the possibilities are being examined by the Railways. Sources claim that railway officials are looking into whether Bharat Express can be run on Howrah-Jharsuguda via Tata Band. Another source claims that this train will reach Tatanagar railway station in Jharkhand. At present this train will not run directly, rather this train will run between Howrah and Rourkela via Tatanagar Railway Station.

At the same time, the Railways is also looking into the possibility of starting another Bande Bharat train between Tata and Patna. On the other hand, the speculation of running Bande Bharat trains on the Howrah-Ranchi route is getting stronger.

According to sources, tests have already been done to run the train at a speed of 160 km per hour on the Tatanagar to Rourkela route. Although till now no information is being shared officially or officially by Indian Railways.

Jharkhand can get Bharat Express trains at three stations

As claimed by the sources, if all goes well, Jharkhand is going to be gifted with three Bande Bharat Express trains. These trains will run on Ranchi-Patna and Ranchi-Howrah routes.

Bande Bharat Express can go to Puri from Howrah

Puri is also on the top of the list of routes where Bande Bharat trains can be operated from Howrah. Multiple media reports have recently claimed that apart from Howrah-NJP, 1 more Bande Bharat Express is likely to run from Howrah. It can continue till Puri. However, the railway public relations officer did not open his mouth on the matter. He said that the matter has not been officially confirmed yet.

If the Puri-bound train really starts from Howrah, the railways will save quite a bit of time in going to Puri. Although premium level trains like Shatabdi Express are already running on this route. Shatabdi takes about 7 and a half hours to cover Howrah-Puri distance. It is reported that this time may be reduced by another 30 minutes if the Bande Barat Express is launched.

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