Virat Kohli Phone: ‘Order Ice Cream from Grandma’s Phone’! Zomato advises Kohli after losing his mobile –

Virat Kohli Phone: There is hardly a cricket lover who has not heard the name of Virat Kohli. Undoubtedly, Virat Kohli is one of the most popular names in the list of Indian celebrity cricketers. He has 230 million followers on Instagram. Apart from this, the former captain of the Indian cricket team is also very popular on Twitter. As a result, whenever he posts something, it doesn’t take long for it to go viral. Recently, there is a mystery surrounding one of his tweets. In his last post on Twitter, Virat said that he was sorry to lose the new phone. “There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing a new phone package before opening it,” he writes. This tweet immediately received a response on Twitter. Virat’s fans like themselves started speculating about which phone Virat had lost. Although many people consider the matter very seriously, several netizens started making memes about it. As a result, the post quickly became more viral.

Soon after the flood of memes on Virat’s post, many companies responded to Virat. The reply given to Virat by Zomato. That too has started going viral. Zomato advised Virat to order from Anushka Sharma’s phone. According to Zomato, “Order ice cream anytime from grandma’s phone. If it helps you a bit.” It didn’t take long for Zomato’s reply to go viral. Virat’s fans gave mixed reactions to this reply.

Not only Zomato, Tata Neu also replied to Kohli. Their replies also have a funny mix. Tata Neu said they understand Virat’s state of mind. They are ready to ‘surprise’ him with a new phone. Tata Neu tweeted, “We understand your plight. Losing an unboxed phone is the worst. But who can stop Janewale. Direct message us what your phone model was? We’d love to send you a surprise.”

Phone brand Nothing is also in this list. They said, ‘We have a phone waiting for you. Message us directly.Croma Retail again claimed, “We found your phone. (read new phone).”

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