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How to earn money by singing: Friends! Today we will tell you about some such business, which you can easily do even by living in your village. ways to earn money in village There are many, which we are going to discuss in this article today. These businesses will prove to be very helpful in running your livelihood. You will not need much education or money in this. 10th pass can also do these professions.

So come on The Rural India in this article of ways to earn money in village know.

Fertilizer Shop

Fertilizer shop is a very profitable business for the village, because most of the farmers need manure and fertilizers for their farming. You can also help the farmer brothers from the manure and fertilizer shop.

For this you will need a license for which you will need Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card or Resident Certificate or PAN Card. To start this business, you have to keep a stock of around 5 lakh to 10 lakh.

seed store

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in rural India. Seeds are the first requirement in agriculture. for this you seed stock business You can also start from your home. For this you will need around 50 thousand rupees. Apart from this, you have to take a license. Because all the farmers in the village buy seeds, if you provide good quality seeds, they will not take seeds from outside and it will be beneficial for you too. Mudra loan is also given by the government for this.

CSC Center (CSC Center)

Any person who is 18 years unemployed who is 10th pass. CSC Center (CSC Center) can apply for. You can earn 3 to 4 thousand rupees every month from CSC center. CSC Center The facilities provided by the Central Government are delivered to the citizens through, This CSC Center Registration The process has been made available online. Beneficiaries who want to start Jan Seva Kendra can register online by visiting the official website of Digital Seva Kendra and can take advantage of it in future.

soil testing center

Good income can be earned in the village through soil testing center also. soil testing center It is necessary to have 11 members. It can become a good source of income for a large family. For this you will need a soil testing machine. All the farmers can grow a good crop by getting the soil of their land tested in the soil testing center. This type of soil testing facility is a good option for all the villagers. The government also participates in this and there is a loan arrangement for this.


Nursery in the village can also be made a source of income. If you have a little land, then some flower plants and some such trees can be planted in it, which are useful in craft items like baskets, bags. You can start this business very comfortably in 10 to 50 thousand rupees. With this, you can easily earn up to 10 thousand rupees every month.


If you are fond of cooking and your village is connected to a main road, then for you Dhaba He can become the instrument of one. If you have farming, then you can earn more profit by growing vegetables in your own farm. All the things can be available to you from the village in a cheap rate. You will need food license and GSTN number to open Dhaba, but you can start Dhaba at very low cost.

grocery store

The grocery store is the best business in the village. Because one cannot go to the city immediately for all the necessary things in the village. The people living in the village are in need of things like soap, biscuits, tea etc. If their requirements are fulfilled near their home then they will not like to go far away. The company can also give you some goods for your shop on loan for a few days. With this, you can easily make up to 10 thousand rupees a month. You can also open your shop in your home. If you have the facility of phone, then you can sell your goods to distant customers by taking the customer’s order on the phone and delivering it to his home.

poultry farm

You can open a good poultry farm by staying in the village. You can start poultry farm from 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. If your village is connected to the city then you can go to the city and earn more profit by selling eggs and chicken. If you are connected with your customers through WhatsApp, then you can do your business better.

goat farming

Goat farming is a good low cost business. In this, you can also get a loan of 2-3 lakh rupees. Nowadays the government is also encouraging goat rearing. The maintenance cost of goat is very low. In this, 30-80% subsidy is also being given by the government.

Milk business

Milk business is the best and easiest way for a village person. Through this, you can earn a lot of profit in a short time. To start milk business first you have to contact dairy farm. You will need some machines for milk business, such as billing machine, milk fat measuring machine, etc. To start this business, you have to invest 3- 4 lakhs. For this you can also take loan from bank etc. Bank can give you 75% loan to start dairy farm. If you want to do this business properly, then you can earn up to 10 lakh rupees annually in this.

animal husbandry

Animal husbandry is a major occupation in the village. Every house in the village has one or the other animal. If you want to do animal husbandry business, then subsidy is given by the government and you can also apply for a loan from the bank. For the loan, you have to prepare a project report and submit it to the Animal Husbandry Department. After taking the loan, you will have to pay only 10% of the cost from yourself. In this way you can do your animal husbandry business with very low cost.

In short, nowadays ways to earn money in village There is no shortage of You can easily earn your livelihood even by staying in the village.

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