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credit card in hindi: credit card It is just a card like any other card. Credit card is such a facility given by the bank in which the facility is given to spend first and later the bank compensates it. But the method of use is slightly different.

Credit Card (credit card) To put it in simple language, you should consider it as a loan account. Because it works like this, you can pay the bill at the end of the month by shopping throughout the month.

Some people credit card The exact meaning and method of use is not known. So those people get into trouble. That’s why before using any card, complete information about it should be taken.

Today in this blog we What is credit card (what is credit card in hindi) Will give full details about.

In this blog you will know-

  • what is a credit card

  • scope in credit card

  • To whom the credit card is given

  • How to apply for credit card

  • how to use credit card

  • Benefits of credit card

  • credit card loss

  • how to get credit card bill

  • how to pay bill

What is a credit card (what is credit card)

debit card Or like an ATM card, a credit card is also a card. The only difference is that the debit card is linked to the bank account. But the credit card is not linked to any bank account. Debit cards can only spend their own money. As much as it is in our account but there is a limit in credit card. Which ranges from 25000 to 300000 and we can spend in a month.

to put it simply A credit card is a financial tool similar to an ATM card, on which the bank allows you to buy products on credit.

Credit card scope

The advantage of taking a credit card is that as soon as we are short of money, we can borrow money from friends or relatives for a month or two. So there is no need to ask for loan from friends. If you want, you can make up for it within 50 days after 1 month using money from a credit card. But use the credit card very carefully.

To whom the credit card is given

If you are doing a good job. And your income source is good. Along with this, if your civil score is even better then you will get the credit card easily.

How to apply for credit card

for credit card online And offline You can apply in both ways, you can also apply online by visiting the website of the bank for which you want to get a credit card.

If you want, you can go directly to the bank and fill the offline form. And can become a credit card consumer.

At your permanent address after 30 days of applying for the credit card Credit Card is sent.

How to use credit card

When any bank issues you a credit card. So, he already fixes his limit from 25,000 to three lakhs. Whatever the limit may be, it keeps on increasing with time. Never withdraw more money from a credit card. Otherwise, the penalty attached with it will also have to be paid. Credit card should be used only for online payment for shopping

Benefits of credit card

  • Sometimes you suddenly have a need, you do not have money, then you can withdraw money using a credit card at that time.

  • If you do online payment or shopping with credit card. So you also get some reward points. From which you can redeem.

  • Sometimes you also get a discount for paying with a credit card.

Disadvantages of credit card

Let me tell you, credit cards have advantages and disadvantages too. Some advantages of credit card are so There are also some disadvantages.

  • If you miss the credit card bill, then you will have to pay a significant amount in penalty.

  • The day you start withdrawing money from the credit card. From the same day you will start getting penalised.

  • This penalty will be applicable till then. Unless you reimburse the amount withdrawn from the credit card.

  • Agra’s credit card falls somewhere and is found by someone. So you do not get OTP like debit card in it. Anyone can make payment using your credit card number and CVV number.

how to get credit card bill (how to get credit card bill)

If we make this shopping or online payment, then its bill is generated and it takes approximately 15 days to 1 month to compensate it.

We can also see the bill on our net banking. And also sent through bank to our permanent address.

That bill contains complete information about when and where you have spent the money with the credit card. Along with this, if there is any penalty imposed on you. So, complete information about that too is given. The last date for payment is also given.

This means that when we spend any money from the credit card, then after 50 days we have to make up for it.

The last date to make the payment is the method that you have to make the payment by this day.

There are two options for online payment.

First, you can either pay the minimum amount or you can deposit the entire amount in one go.

So here you should always pay your full amount. Because if you pay the minimum amount, then you start getting penalized even on the remaining amount.

how to pay credit card bill

If you want, you can also pay the credit card bill through your net banking. Apart from this, you can also pay the credit card bill using any app like Phone Pay, Google Pay, BHIM UPI.

Apart from this, if you want, you can also pay the credit card bill directly by going to the branch of your bank.

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