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District Panchayat Sadasya Ke Karya, at the district level District Council (Zilla Panchayat) It is the highest institution which also works for policy determination and guidance of Gram Panchayat and Panchayat Samitis.

73rd Constitutional Amendment under three tier panchayat system at the district level in District Council Provision has been made for formation of (District Panchayat). Each district has a Zilla Parishad which is known by different names in different states.

As- ‘District Panchayat’ in states like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh.

In states like Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand it is known as Zila Parishad.

The Zilla Parishad is named after the district it belongs to. Like- Zilla Panchayat-Agra or Zilla Parishad- Ajmer

Functions of Zilla Parishad

Formation of Zilla Parishad (What is Zila Parshad in Hindi)

The Zilla Parishad is constituted by the elected members of the Zilla Parishad. Apart from this, the elected members of the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly are also included under that district. But these members are not involved in the election of the Zila Parishad President. By not calling these members permanent members ex officio member it is said.

Election of Zilla Parishad members (zilla panchayat sadasya election)

For elections to the Zilla Parishad, the Zilla Parishad is divided into small constituencies with a population of about 50,000. These members are elected by the Gram Sabha members through direct election. To be elected as a member of Zilla Panchayat, it is necessary that the age of the candidate should not be less than 21 years. It is also necessary that the name of the member standing for election should be included in the voter list of that constituency.

Zila Parishad President Election (zilla panchayat adhyaksh election)

According to the instructions of the State Election Commission, the elected members of the District Panchayat as soon as possible District Panchayat President Election We do. Even if a member is not elected out of the total elected members in the District Panchayat for any reason, the election for the post of President does not stop and the elected District Panchayat members elect a President and a Vice President from among themselves. Is.

If a person is a member of Parliament or Legislative Assembly, President or Vice-President of a Municipal Corporation, President or Vice-President of a Municipality or President or Vice-President of a Nagar Panchayat, he cannot become the President or Vice-President of a District Panchayat.

Reservation in Zilla Parishad

Reservation will be applicable to the posts of Zilla Parishad president and Zilla Parishad members. According to the Panchayati Raj Act, reservation for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Castes will depend on the proportion of their population.

Apart from this, there is a provision to reserve one third of all posts for women. At present, this reservation for women has been increased to 50 percent in many states.

In these states, every second post in the panchayats is reserved for women. But, these are allotted according to the reservation system rotation/roster.

Note- People belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes can also contest elections on unreserved seats. Similarly, if a seat is not reserved for women, then they can also contest from that unreserved seat.

Tenure of Zila Parishad President and its members

Like Gram Panchayat and Panchayat Samiti, Zilla Parishad has a fixed tenure. As per the rules given in the Panchayati Raj Act, the tenure of Zilla Parishad will be for 5 years from the date of first meeting of Zilla Parishad.

If the term of the members of Zilla Panchayat is not terminated earlier for any reason, then their term will also be for 5 years. If the District Panchayat is dissolved before its fixed term due to any special reason, then it will be necessary to conduct its election within 6 months. The term of the new members will be for the rest of the term.

Zilla Parishad meeting

Provision has been made in the Constitution for the meeting of the Zilla Parishad to conduct the functions of the Zilla Parishad. Under which there will be at least one meeting of the Zilla Parishad every two months.

The chairman has the right to call the meeting of the Zilla Parishad. In the absence of the President, this work is done by the Vice President of the Zilla Parishad. Apart from this, other meetings of the Zilla Parishad can also be called. All meetings will be held in the Zilla Parishad office. If the meeting is decided to be held at some other place then it is informed to all in advance.

In the meeting, the District Panchayat member can ask for any detail, statistics, information, any report, other detail or copy of any letter related to administration from the President or the Chief Development Officer. The President or the Chief Development Officer has to give the information sought to the members without delay.

Work of Zilla Parishad / Work of District Panchayat (Zila Panchayat Sadasya Ke Karya)

Zila Parishad is a coordinating and supervising body. Generally it performs the following functions.


(1) To prepare the annual budget of the Zilla Parishad.

(2) To distribute the grants given by the State Government to the districts among the Panchayat Samitis.

(3) Managing relief work during natural calamities.

(4) To coordinate the plans prepared by the Panchayat Samitis.

(5) To coordinate and evaluate the works of Panchayat Samitis and Gram Panchayats.

(6) To encourage village and cottage industries.

(7) To develop agriculture.

(8) Development of minor irrigation, fisheries and waterways.

(9) Planning for the welfare of scheduled castes, tribes and backward classes.

(10) To spread education.

It is clear from this that the Zilla Parishad prepares a district plan by consolidating the priorities and needs of the people from the entire district, which is based on their area-specific priorities. In this way, the plan approved in the district plan is implemented.

Functions of Zilla Parishad President

  • The main function of the Zilla Parishad President is to convene and preside over the meetings of the Zilla Panchayat and the committees of which he is the chairman.

  • It is the duty of the chairman to maintain order in the meetings and to keep the information about the decisions taken in the meetings.

  • Monitoring the financial administration and monitoring the financial management in accordance with the plans.

  • The Speaker also has to perform such functions as are assigned to him by the Government from time to time.

No-confidence motion against District Panchayat President

The President of the District Panchayat can be removed from the post by the State Government in case of not working according to the dignity of his post or not fulfilling the responsibilities given by the constitution. That is, if the Speaker does not perform his functions properly, then the State Government can also remove him from the post by giving him a definite opportunity as per the prescribed procedure and rules.

According to the procedure given in the Act, a motion of no-confidence can be moved against the President or any Vice-President of the Zilla Parishad and action can be taken on it. The written notice of intention to move no-confidence motion shall be signed by at least half of the total number of elected members of Zilla Parishad.

A copy of the proposed resolution shall be delivered personally to the District Magistrate by any of the members signing the notice. Thereafter, the District Magistrate shall call a meeting of the Zilla Parishad in the Zilla Parishad office on a date fixed by him to consider the said proposal. shall give at least 15 days’ notice of such meeting to the elected members of the District Panchayat in such manner as may be prescribed.

Budget of Zilla Parishad

The District Panchayat has to prepare the annual budget of the district every year. The District Panchayat will prepare this budget in consultation with the Finance Committee. This prepared budget will be presented through the chairman in the Zilla Parishad meeting on the pre-determined date.

The Zilla Parishad can also return the proposed budget for amendment if it wishes. If the budget is not returned, the Zilla Parishad passes it. If the budget is returned for revision, then the working committee will prepare this budget afresh, which will be presented again in the meeting and passed by the chairman.

Zilla Parishad Officers

  • chief development officer

  • district supply officer

  • Deputy Regional Marketing Officer

  • District Forest Officer

  • Executive Engineer – Public Works Department

  • Executive Engineer – Electrical Department

  • General Manager – District Industries Center

  • District Economics and Statistics Officer

Relationship between Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti

Special provisions have been made in the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act for proper coordination and coordination between Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti. Under which the heads of all the Kshetra Panchayats falling in the district will also be members of the Zilla Parishad of their district.

For the planning of schemes and programs, rules have been made for all the three levels of panchayats to work in harmony. According to these rules, the Panchayat Samiti shall prepare development plans for its Panchayat Samiti on the basis of the annual plans of the Gram Panchayat. The Panchayat Samiti will send this prepared plan to the Zilla Parishad of its area.

Similarly, on the basis of the development plans of the Panchayat Samitis, the Zilla Parishad will prepare an overall development plan for the rural areas of its district. The development plan of rural areas at the district level will be prepared properly only when the panchayat committees of the district prepare the plans on time and send them to the Zilla Parishad.

Importance of Zilla Parishad

Power reaches into the hands of the people through the Gram Panchayat. It is believed that the public has the best understanding of local problems and needs. Now the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister cannot come to solve every problem. So people must have some power to solve their local problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question- What is District Panchayat?

Answer- District Panchayat is a district level institution in the Panchayati Raj system. It is elected by the rural voters at an interval of every 5 years.

Question- How is the District Panchayat formed?

Answer- District Panchayat is formed every 5 years through Panchayati elections. The members of the District Panchayat are elected by the rural voters.

Question- What is the other name of Zilla Parishad?

Answer- Another name for Zilla Parishad is Zilla Panchayat.

Question- What is the main function of District Panchayat?

Answer- The main function of the District Panchayat is to develop rural areas across the district. The scope of works of District Panchayat is much more than that of Gram Panchayat. District Panchayat along with making action plan at the district level also does the implementation.

Question- Who is the head of the District Panchayat?

Answer- Head of District Panchayat District Panchayat President it happens. Which is also called Zilla Parishad President at different places.

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